Zipline and Walmart to start up drone deliveries of health and wellness products


Zipline is working in hands with Walmart to release a new drone delivery that would be operating in the US, the company said. This program is only for requested deliveries of health products, as well as wellness products. However, the company has mentioned that this service will start in a trial at the beginning of the following year close to the headquarters of Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas.

The release system of Zipline and its launch only enables the requested delivery in less than one hour. Also, working from a Walmart store can operate a radius of 50 miles.

This year, Zipline mentioned that it was teaming up with a hospital system located in North Carolina. To make non-contact deliveries of medical supplies as well as personal protective equipment. Also, this year isn’t the first time the drones of Zipline have been used for the delivery of medical supplies.


As far back as 2016, it released the first national drone delivery system in the world. This drone delivered blood to patients in distant areas of Rwanda.

Zipline has transported over 20,000 medical products

Furthermore, Zipline mentioned that it has transported over 200,000 essential medical products to health services in several countries. Zipline’s collaboration with Walmart is the very first move to prospective national-scale operations across the United States.


The pilot program with Zipline

The pilot program with the company is Walmart’s latest step to larger drone use. In the year 2015, which is five years back from now the retail giant controlled drone delivery tests. And in 2016, it tried it out by making use of the drone to examine the inventory of the storehouse.

Additionally, Walmart released a small pilot program last week in North Carolina. The company made use of mechanized drones from startup Flytrex to export “select groceries and household items” However, the company didn’t drop any information concerning the number of drones involved in that pilot.

Though, it admitted that it would be some time before the deliveries of drones become rampant.

Amazon to work as a drone airline in the US

It will be very exciting to witness which among Zipline and Walmart are so engrossed on drone deliveries. Though, Walmart and Amazon make the fastest inroads. During August, Amazon received approval from the FAA to work as a drone airline in the United States.


This could just mean the start of bigger commercial operations for the retail monster. The FAA stands for Federal Aviation Administration.