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YouTube TV to lose Fox regional sports networks


YouTube TV to lose Fox regional sports networks. A Whole lot of Fox regional sports networks will not be available anymore for those subscribing on YouTube TV starting from today, which is the 1st of October 2020, the company mentioned.

This step was taken just after YouTube and Fox publicly spoke first concerning Fox channels exiting YouTube TV months back, that was in February. However, both companies had an agreement to take the rest of the NBA, MLB, as well as the NHL seasons through 2020.

YouTube TV

Well, the agreement between Fox and YouTube is being severed also. Just as the seasons of the NBA and the NHL comes to an end, and also with the MLB set to be through around October ending.

The official YouTube TV Twitter account’s tweet

Below is the tweet of the account of the official YouTube TV:

“To bring you 85+ channels, we periodically renegotiate contracts with content owners”. The account further tweeted:

“Starting October 1, 2020, FOX RSNs will no longer be available on YouTube TV. Members that are impacted will no longer have access to Library recordings from the FOX RSNs”.

About 19 channels will be affected. Following the reports from Variety, the channels to be impacted include:

  • FOX Sports Florida
  • The FOX Sports Arizona,
  • FOX Sports Detroit
  • The FOX Sports Carolina
  • FOX Sports Indiana
  • The FOX Sports Midwest
  • FOX Sports Kansas City
  • The FOX Sports North
  • FOX Sports New Orleans
  • The FOX Sports Ohio
  • FOX Sports Oklahoma
  • The FOX Sports San Diego
  • FOX Sportstime Ohio
  • The FOX Sports Prime Ticket (Los Angeles)
  • FOX Sports Sun
  • The FOX Sports South
  • FOX Sports Southeast
  • The FOX Sports Tennessee
  • FOX Sports Wisconsin
  • The Fox Sports Southwest

Though, the main goal is to bring them back on YouTube TV. Sinclair’s president of distribution and network relations, Barry Faber mentioned to Variety that Sinclair, the owner of RSNs keeps on discussing with YouTube “in an effort to find a mutually acceptable path to returning the RSNs to YouTube TV”.

This type of general back-and-forth dispute is known as “a carriage dispute”. Of recent, NBCUniversal, as well as Roku put up with their very own style of this. Both NBCUniversal and Comcast, its parent company placed pressure to withdraw most of the apps of NBC from Roku.

As the companies bargained terms to get Peacock, the NBCUniversal streaming app on Roku. It wasn’t up to 24 hours after the move of NBCUniversal to get to a deal. And that is the final goal.

Both companies want Fox’s sports network on the TV

Here is the tweet of YouTube TV on Twitter:

“This was a difficult decision made after months of negotiations. We hope we can bring FOX RSNs back in the future”.

However, both companies, Sinclair and YouTube still want Fox’s regional sports networks back on YouTube TV. It aids in justifying the $65 monthly fee for those subscribing to YouTube TV. It is just a thing of a trial to pull each other’s hands.


Carriage disputes. Although, Subscribers of the cable may have also encountered this. As cable providers as well as networks enter blackout periods at times to try speeding along with negotiations. However, for cord-cutters who might have never bought cable: welcome!