YouTube to run ads on some creator videos, but wont give them any of the revenue


YouTube as we all know, is an online American video-sharing platform with its headquarter in San Bruno, California. And the service was created in February, in the year 2005 by Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen. The three former employees of PayPal.


This service enables users to upload, view, rate, share, report, comment, and also subscribe to other users on the platform.

YouTube to run ads on some creator videos

YouTube to run ads on some creator videos, but won’t give them any of the revenue. The company said it will start running ads on some creators’ videos. However, it mentioned that it won’t give them any share of the ad revenue. The reason is that they are not that big to be added to its Partner Program.

Anytime advertisements run on YouTube videos, the creators practically get a share of the revenue via their role in the Partner Program of YouTube. Now with the latest rules of monetization, a creator who is not part of the partner program “may see ads on some of your videos”. This is following an update to the Terms of Service of the company.

YouTube said that the videos got ads only in limited circumstances

YouTube mentions that these videos only got ads in limited circumstances, like if they were being monetized as a part of a copyright claim by a record label. This update by the company is likely to affect smaller creators with no large viewership.


The Partner Program of YouTube wants creators to have accumulated 4,000 total hours of watch time over the past 1 year and even over 1,000 subscribers.

Advertising is a very great business for YouTube as well as Google, its parent company. With the video site initiating $5 billion just in the last quarter. Advertising is also a large-scale for creators, who may depend on the payout of the company to assist themselves.

YouTube to advertise more on its platform

YouTube will now be able to advertise more on its platform. And won’t have to start paying so many creators in the process.

The company also mentioned to The Verge that no adverts from non-associated creators that are based on sensitive topics will run on videos. And they include religion, gambling, alcohol, as well as politics.

However, this news didn’t go so well with members of the YouTube community. The relationship of the creator community with YouTube over advertising revenue has for years been agitated. Also, in late 2016, and early 2017, YouTube creators who were part of the Partner Program were hit by an unexpected fall in advertising revenue.

Just as the platform tried harder to contain videos of disturbing children as well as other dangerous content.

Logan Paul’s Incident

In the year 2018, the incident of the Logan Paul resulted in some changes to the Partner Program. And very much harder for creators to begin earning revenue.


YouTube didn’t mention the number of creators who will watch ads run on their videos without paying them. However, the company made it clear that channels of every size may watch the ads come in or pop up. The video-sharing service will keep an eye on the influence of creators.