Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance: Trading on Yahoo Finance


Let’s have some brief gist on Trading on Yahoo Finance. Yahoo! was founded in January 1994 and its headquarters is in Sunnyvale, California in the United States. Before now, you should know that Yahoo! is one of the largest and most visited networks in the world.

Yahoo Finance

It is an American web service provider that provides search engine Yahoo! Search, Web portal, and other related services.

Not excluding Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Answers, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Directory, video sharing, etc. As well as its social media website.

Yahoo! Finance

Talking of Yahoo! Finance, it is a media property and it is part of Yahoo!’s network. Here, users are provided with financial news, data, and commentary.

And also, press releases, stock quotes, financial reports, and other interesting content. The Yahoo! Finance also gives some online tools for personal finance management.

Not just that, it also posts partner content from a wide range of other websites and original stories by its team of staff journalists.
Yahoo! Finance also provides users with real-time streaming quotes for various exchanges and it is 100% reliable and accurate!

How do I create a watchlist on Yahoo Finance?

To create a watchlist, click on “My Portfolio” and tap “My Watchlist“. After you must have done that, Click on “Add Symbol” too.

Now enter the ticker symbols of the stocks you want to track. If you do not have any idea of what the symbol is, input the company name. Yahoo Finance will automatically find out the symbol for you.

How do I customize Yahoo Finance?

Here’s how to customize Yahoo Finance adding quotes and charts:

  • Kindly sign in to Yahoo. If you do not have a Yahoo account, create one then sign up. You can as well choose to sign in with your Facebook account or your Google account.
  • Now that you have signed in, click on “Finance”. You will see a list of financial markets close to the top of the page.
  • Tap the “My Market” gear icon.
  • Then choose your preferred layout for your Yahoo Finance page.
  • Now enter the symbol for each stock or market you want to track in the “Symbol” fields.
  • Enter a name for each stock in the “Name” field under symbol if you want to. The names you entered will be displayed beside the quote or chart instead of the symbol.
  • You can as well input a name for your customized view in the “My Market” text field if you like.
  • Tap “Make This Tab My Default View” if you like.
  • Then click on the “Save and Close” button. You will see your customized quotes at the top of the Yahoo Finance page.

Here’s how to customize Yahoo Finance adding a Portfolio:

  • Log into Yahoo Finance, scroll down and click on the “My Portfolio” button. Then tap “Create New”.
  • Enter the stock or market you wish to add to your personalized portfolio in the “Manage Symbols” text field.
  • You can choose to type in the symbol or a name. Choose the one you like from the drop-down menu that opens when you start typing and click on the “Add Symbol Button” to add your selection to the portfolio
  • Now choose the Market Indices you wish to see in your portfolio. To do that, click on the appropriate checkboxes.
  • Choose your preferred view from the “Default View” menu. They include Performance, Basic, Real-time, Fundamentals, or Detailed.
  • After you must have been through with the above steps, click on the “Save” button.

How do I trade or enter Yahoo Stock Trades Online?

Been finding it hard to trade stocks online? Worry less! Just follow the steps below to trade stock online:

  • Firstly, you will have to log in to your online account.
  • Then you look up the symbol of the stock you wish to buy.
  • Now enter your stock symbols. As well as the number of shares you wish to buy.
  • You will now choose if you want to enter a market order or a limit order.
  • After you must have done that, review your trade as well as the total anticipated cost.
  • Now choose the correct button to purchase your stock.
  • Then wait for a confirmation from your broker. However, if you are working with a full-service broker, he will call you. But if you are working with an online broker, you will get a confirmation through an online notification and also an email.

How to download the Yahoo Finance App


To download the Yahoo Finance app, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Then type in “Yahoo Finance App” in the search bar and click on the search button.
  • It will bring out your result, tap on it to download and install the app on your device.