Video Games Addiction

Why am i addicted to video games? Causes and How to Stop


Video Games Addiction. A Video game is an interactive electronic game that sure involves interaction with a user interface or input device to generate visual feedback for the video gamer.

Video Games Addiction

The feedback generated for the video gamer is then displayed on a video display device. Just like a monitor, TV set, virtual reality headset, touchscreen, or monitor.

Video games are often extended with audio feedback that is delivered via headphones or speakers. And sometimes with some other types of feedback. Not excluding haptic technology.

Video Games Addiction

Video Games are sports that occur on a computer. They are interactive movies and interactive tv shows as well.

These games are played by electronically manipulating images that are being produced by a computer program on a monitor or even another display.

Why Am I Addicted to Video Games?

Before we talk about video game addiction, let us understand that there are basically two major types of video game addiction.

The standard video games are designed generally to be played by single players. And this game involves a clear mission. The addiction included in these games is often related to accomplishing the mission or even beating the high score or preset standard.

While the other type of video game addiction is connected with online multiplayer games. And these games are being played online with other people and are addictive too because they have no end.

Gamers having this type of addiction love creating and becoming temporarily a video game online character.

They often build up relationships with the rest online players as a break out from reality.

Let’s just go straight to the point now. Video games are designed in such a way that once you start playing them, you become so addicted to them.

You could literally forget there are so many things left undone just because you are so focused on video games.

And games no doubt are enticing experiences that supply you with a very high amount of dopamine. And too much exposure to this level of stimulation can lead to some structural changes to your brain.

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Video Games Addiction Fact

Once you start playing video games, you become so glued to it and live in a world where you expect to experience instant pleasure without any form of delay.

Video games are so enticing that you could play them for hours without even noticing that the day has gone by.

In all, they are very social and create an environment where you feel so relaxed and in control.

In case you do not know, the developers of games install cunning game design features that some government tagged to be illegal because they are means of gambling.


The manipulative game design feature includes microtransactions, in-app purchases, and loot boxes.

And the more reason gaming addiction exists is the fact that gaming industries are billion-dollar industries. In other words, the more you get addicted to video games, the more money the gaming industries make.

Symptoms of Video Games

If you notice any of these symptoms below in you or anyone, then you may be a victim of Video games addiction:

Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms of video games include:

  • Migraines due to deep concentration on the system or eye strain
  • Tiredness
  • Bad personal hygiene
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is being caused by excess use of a computer mouse or a controller.

Emotional Symptoms

The emotional symptoms of video game addiction include:

  • Telling lies to family and friends regarding the amount of time you spent playing video games.
  • When you are unable to play or you do not play video games, you become so restless.
  • Isolating yourself from others so as to spend more time playing video games.
  • Brooding with thoughts of your last played online activities or expectancy of the next online session.

Causes of Video Games

Studies show that most people who are so much addicted to video games give their all on video games 24/7 and they also play multiplayer games on the Internet.

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And they are addictive because of the endless adventure that they offer inside a fantasy world where players can just live a different life as a new person.

They as well provide an opportunity to escape reality and leave the problems of the real world behind.

Another major cause of video game addiction is the fact that they are specifically designed to be that way.

The designers of video games as well as those trying to make more profit are always looking for means to draw more people to play their games.

And how do they do this? They achieve their goal by making the game more challenging that you keep coming back for more. Of course, you wouldn’t want to give up till you accomplish your mission or defeat your opponent.

How Do I Stop Video Game Addiction?

The World Health Organization has tagged video gaming addiction as a disease and video game addiction recovery is not that so easy for those looking at stopping. However, you can achieve it.

Before you look at recovering, you really need to admit the fact that it exists and you must make up your mind to quit it completely.

However, not so much has been said about how to cure the disease. But should in case you know anyone that suffers from the addiction, you can always find help for the person from a reliable source.


Other things you can do to at least curb the disease a little include:

  • Observing your children’s behavior and mood swings associated with screen or video game use and ensure to make some adjustments.
  • Model a healthy use of video games.
  • Consult guidelines for video game use. Just like those suggested by the American Psychological Association or AAP.
  • Build a structured time free of video game use.