Most Followers on Instagram

Who has the Most Followers on Instagram


Who has the Most Followers on Instagram? Instagram is owned by Facebook and was introduced to the general public on October 6 in the year 2010. It was created by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom.

The social media app enables you to share pictures as well as videos and share them with those following you or with a group of friends.

Most Followers on Instagram

Instagram is available on Android phones, Apple iOS, and Windows Phone too. Here, your friends and followers can as well view, like, comment, and repost posts you share.

The main purpose of Instagram is to allow its users to share videos and photos with their viewers. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which only allow its users to mainly send messages and pictures. Although, Instagram also allows you to send a text too.

This app is one of the most popular and most used apps in the world. Countries with the highest users of the app include the United States with over 116 million users, followed by India with 73 million users, and then Brazil with 72 million users. The worldwide presence makes the network more attractive and engaging to influencers and brands too.

The app is a very great opportunity for so many brands as well as brand influencers because this gives them space and opportunity to showcase their talents to the general public. It also enlightens you to learn more about others and your audience too and easily reach them.

Another great thing about the app is that the photos and videos you upload there go a very long way to reach other people and even celebrities compared to written words. The reason is that images give visual stimulation and also draw the attention of others than just having to send a text.

Who has the Most Followers on Instagram

Here’s a list of public personalities with the highest followers on Instagram:

Instagram itself (357 million followers)

Instagram is actually the most Followers on Instagram with over 357 million followers. The app’s feed displays the best, as well as the most lively people and the latest trends on IG.

The company also promotes its IGTV content of which they create or make by themselves. Next is Christian Ronaldo.

Christian Ronaldo (over 230 million followers)

Christiano Ronaldo is a very great soccer player and one of the top best footballers worldwide with more than 230 million followers.


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A difficult game but a very important point. Keep on fighting until the end 💪🏼 #FinoAllaFine

A post shared by Cristiano Ronaldo (@cristiano) on

He plays for Juventus and he is also the captain for the national Portuguese team. Contents on his feeds include photos of himself on trips, photos of himself and his families, as well as photos of him while playing football.

Ariana Grande (194 million followers)

Ariana Grande is a worldwide well-known superstar as well as one of the most popular musicians in the world. Talking about the popular women on IG, she’s most followed.


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A post shared by Ariana Grande (@arianagrande) on

On her feed, you will see amazing pictures of herself displaying her talent, pictures of her associating with other celebrities, and also her personal photos which are of course always beautiful.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (190 million followers)

Dwayne popularly known as “The Rock” is a very great wrestler, WWE star, and a very famous actor. Posts on his feed include photos of him in the gym, photos of himself while shooting film, and his family posts.

Kylie Jenner (190 m followers)

After Ariana, Kylie is also a superstar on Instagram with over 185 million followers. Jennet filled the space one time for the most-liked Instagram post.

Most of the things she uploads are concerning her personal life and her work not excluding photos of herself, her partner, and her child.

Selena Gomez (183 million followers)

Selena is a very popular actor and musician. Her posts on IG includes beautiful selfies of her, photos of her friends, pictures of her at events.


However, her account is also filled with some political posts with subjects like; women’s rights.

Kim Kardashian (180 million followers)

Kim is also another favorite and well-known celebrity with more than 180 million people following her on IG.


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I hope everyone has a great day ✌🏼

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Posts on her feed include photos of her at an event and from her modeling, and also her family old pictures.

Lionel Messi ( 159 million followers)

Lionel Messi is well known as and called Messi is also a famous and a great soccer player like Christiano Ronaldo. He is the captain of the Argentinian national football team as well as the captain of Barcelona FC.


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Arrancó la cuenta regresiva… 🔜⚽️ /// The countdown has begun… 🔜⚽️ #ReadyForSport #CreatedWithAdidas

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What you will see on his Instagram page are a look at his personal life, photos of events he attends, shots of him playing soccer. And one more thing, pictures of that incredible dog! Lol.

Beyoncé with over 150m followers

Photos on Beyoncé’s posts are her personal posts, cool shots from her professional works, and great shots from her performances.


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Interestingly, her pregnancy announcement and photos were the most liked photos on her page by her fans and followers.

Justin Bieber (141 million followers)

Justin Bieber is one of the most popular and biggest pop stars in the world. Justin’s Instagram page is no doubt very interesting.


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The postscon his page includes cartoon images of himself, photos of himself with other celebrities. And funny enough, his April Fool pregnancy prank.