Which are the Best games in the Play Store?

Due to the enormous quantity of games on the android play store, it will be quite difficult for anyone to choose which is best to play. Just as games are created every day it will be impossible to play all. As we all know, not all games on the play store are free due to the anxiety of android Game players.

Best games

We have gone over social media and the internet asking android game players. Which game is best to play on android. So we have brought most of the topnotch games to play on the android play store. It should be well understood that every other game on the play store are also good to play depending on choices and how comfortable it is to the player.

Best games on Play store

Asphalt 9: Legends

When the asphalt 8 airborne was released, it became one of the best games and biggest on the play store, Not just that, the asphalt extreme was also one of the blockbusters of the asphalt series.

In 2018 the asphalt 9 legends was released, it is the latest series of the asphalt franchise and now it has also taken a place in the heart of android game players. The asphalt 9 legends are so addictive, it was created with loads of challenge modes with a list of 50 new exclusive cars.

It also has a single-player tournament and an online multiplayer mode. The graphic is topnotch and it also has a superb arcade racing.

Critical ops

This game is also one of the best solo shooter games on the play store. You can fight against terrorists in different levels and you can also play the role of a terrorist in this mind blowing adventure game. The game also has an online multiplayer mode where you can choose how many players you want to play with. You can get the critical ops game on Google play store for free.

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Monster legend

Monster legends seem a lot like Pokémon. The monster legends game is just an interesting one to play because it has an interesting concept whereby you have to build your menagerie. Putting it up with varieties of creatures and training them to become the for you.

Each creature should have different environments and they will all evolve and change as the habitat grows. After they grow you will take them to battlegrounds. Put them in team wars to test how good your supreme master skills are. You have got over 500 monsters to collect to make your monster collection.

Battle chasers: Night war

Battle chasers: night war is also one game everyone should try. The story in this adventure game talks about a girl who goes in search of her father who went int

exile after stepping his feet in the grey line. Aramus the father of the girl gully was a hero in a small community.

Aramus before going left behind a gauntlet that was said to have untold magical power and the gauntlet will grant powers to anyone who wears i. Gully goes into the grey line to discover what has kept her father captive. She embarks on her journey with her accomplice known the wise mage, Aramus friend Garrison and red Monika. This game is filled with so much adventure and it’s also addictive.

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Call of duty

If you are an adventure lover I guess you should not hesitate to try the call of duty: mobile. The game has an online classic FPS Pvp just like any other call of duty. This game also has a 100 battle mode just like PUBG mobile. The graphics are superb and it also has an in-app purchase for gears and most players love it.

Star wars: Knights of the old republic

Star wars is one of the most popular franchises on the play store, it’s also one of the best RPGs. It has brought something new to the gaming industry, though it can be gotten for a price it worth it. It’s so far the best of any star wars franchise.

Mario kart tour

The Mario kart tour has gone so viral in a racing game. The Mario kart has been on play station and when it was brought to mobile it has been one of the best.

The game has few tournaments and you can race with your preferred character, win tournaments and unlock new characters. The game can be downloaded for free on the Google play store and apple store.