WhatsApp Web: How To Use WhatsApp For PC

Whatsapp web enables you to read and respond to WhatsApp messages on your computer quickly and easily. It enables you to utilize WhatsApp online directly from your web browser. And in this article, we’ll demonstrate how to utilize it on a computer.

WhatsApp Web

What Are the Requirements for Running Whatsapp web?

Generally, it’s a straightforward operation, and you’ll have all of the necessary supplies on hand. However, for the purpose of completeness, here is the list.

  • An Android or an iPhone with a functional rear camera.
  • A laptop or desktop computer equipped with a modern web browser, such as Google Chrome.
  • A working internet connection on both your phone and computer.
  • WhatsApp’s most recent version.

Download: WhatsApp for Android | WhatsApp for iOS (Free)

Whatsapp web

It does not include all of the functionality available in the smartphone application. Indeed, it would be impossible to operate without the mobile application. To connect to and utilize Whatsapp web, you’ll need your phone.

This is essentially a copy or a reflection of what is happening on your phone. If a message is delivered to your phone, it will appear on the Whatsapp web. If your phone does not get a message due to a lack of an active internet connection or because it is switched off, you will also not see it on Whatsapp web.

This makes Whatsapp web less secure than other chat apps, but it also makes Whatsapp web safer in several areas.

How to Configure Whatsapp Web

Once you’ve assembled these components, setting up Whatsapp web is straightforward:

  • Navigate to web.whatsapp.com using your PC’s browser.
  • You’ll notice a QR code that you must scan in order to access Whatsapp web.
  • To launch the QR code reader in your WhatsApp mobile app, tap Menu > Whatsapp web.
  • Aim the rear camera of your phone towards the QR code displayed on your PC screen.

Whatsapp web will connect your phone to your PC as soon as it scans the QR code. Whatsapp web and WhatsApp mobile will be linked in a flash. You’re now prepared to utilize WhatsApp online via your computer.

What Can Whatsapp web Be Used For?

WhatsApp Web

  • Type with your keyboard.
  • In-line access to media (pictures, videos, and audio). Additionally, you can download any media to your PC immediately. However, you cannot download all media files in bulk; each must be downloaded individually.
  • Through Picture-in-Picture mode, you can see videos from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube without leaving the chat window.
  • Create a new discussion with any contact or look up an existing one.
  • Consult the contact details.
  • Create a new group chat, participate in existing group conversations, and access group details.
  • Multiple computers can be connected to your phone and saved for future use. Additionally, you can remotely deactivate any browser on your phone.
  • Receive or mute desktop notifications and sounds.
  • Distribute images and videos, as well as documents and contacts.
  • Emojis, GIFs, and stickers, as well as voice notes, are all supported.
  • View any contact’s WhatsApp status updates.
  • Multiple messages can be selected and deleted.
  • Messages can be replied to, forwarded, starred, or deleted.
  • Edit your profile information.
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What Whatsapp web Does Not Allow

  • A WhatsApp Broadcast cannot be sent.
  • You are unable to make or receive WhatsApp Voice or Video calls.
  • You are unable to create new WhatsApp Status updates.
  • You are unable to share maps or your current location with others.
  • Because you cannot adjust the media download settings, all photographs and videos sent to you are automatically downloaded.
  • You cannot utilize two browsers concurrently. While your phone supports many browsers/PCs, you can only use one at a time.
  • Notifications via Whatsapp web and chat backgrounds are the only settings available.

Using more Than One WhatsApp Accounts

Certain individuals have two phone numbers associated with two distinct WhatsApp accounts. On a single PC, you can still control WhatsApp online for both.

To accomplish this, you must open Whatsapp web in two separate browsers, such as Chrome and Opera. Alternatively, you can open Whatsapp web in an incognito window, however, this will log you out automatically after one hour.

What Makes WhatsApp’s Web Platform Unique

Therefore, why would you use Whatsapp web if it is more limited than the app on your phone? Naturally, due to the keyboard.

If you want to have a lengthy conversation with someone, typing using a keyboard is more convenient. Indeed, the Whatsapp web is compatible with WhatsApp Business, and you’ll like the ability to manage many consumers through it.

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Additionally, you can use keyboard shortcuts. The two most useful are Ctrl + Shift + [ to return to the previous chat and Ctrl + Shift + ] to return to the next chat.

How Secure Is it?

While it initially faced criticism for its lack of security, WhatsApp now encrypts all of its messages end-to-end. This also applies to Whatsapp web.

Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to follow the best security practices and understand how secure your images are in WhatsApp, regardless of whether you’re using WhatsApp on your phone or on the PC. For instance, if you’re required to use Whatsapp web on a different computer, always open it in a private window.

How to Log Out of the Whatsapp web

If you’re using Whatsapp web on your own computer, you can continue to be logged in after you’ve finished. It’s practical.

If you’re using it on another computer, be sure to log out when you’ve finished using WhatsApp online. It is recommended that you perform this action on both the computer and the mobile app.

  • To exit from your computer, navigate to Menu > Log out.
  • To exit Whatsapp using your phone, navigate to Menu > Whatsapp web > Log out from all devices. As the name implies, this will log you out of Whatsapp web on any computer on which you are currently logged in.

After logging out, you must re-scan the Whatsapp web QR Code to reconnect to the device.


The more you learn about web, the more amazed you will be at what it is capable of. Indeed, we prefer Whatsapp web over the official desktop apps for WhatsApp, as it is more feature-rich and even includes extensions.