WhatsApp is working on multiple devices support with chat sync


WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that enables users to freely send messages, images, video, and audio records. Aside from the basic messaging, the app also provides you with options like group chat and location sharing.

WhatsApp is building up a feature that will enable users to make use of the same account at the same time over different devices. The company has been working on a single device all this while. And reports also show that this latest feature of the company is being worked on its parts.


As soon as the feature is released by the company and it is out already. Users will now be able to access their WhatsApp over four different devices at a time. The company is working to build up an interface on the Android app and also on WhatsApp for iOS

When a user tries using WhatsApp on a second device. The user might likely experience this issue of copying chat history. Because of this, WhatsApp will need a WiFi connection. In as much as it may exhaust a very large amount of your data plan.

The new feature that is yet to be released by the company will also support chat history. And this will enable those making use of WhatsApp to sync their messages across other devices.

WABetaInfo’s Report

According to a report from WABetaInfo, He said that:


WhatsApp Desktop was used for the test here, however, it will function on a second mobile device also. It is believable that WhatsApp will enable other mobile devices to be attached to your main device. Somewhat later than WhatsApp desktop. Making use of this feature, an Internet connection on your device will not be necessary to Whatsapp Desktop.

As soon as WhatsApp copies the chat history to the second device. It will now be possible to make use of your account from it. Any type of message will be sent to all your family devices. Therefore, your chat history will be synced across various platforms and any time you make use of a device or remote it, your encryption key will be changed.

Also, all active chats will receive a notification when your encryption key changes, that’s if your Security Notifications are turned on.

Whatsapp to Create an iPad App

WhatsApp has as well created an iPad app that will be launched after they activate the multiple-device feature. With this, you will now be able to make use of your WhatsApp on your iPhone and on your iPad at a time.

Although, the support between Android and iOS devices hasn’t been confirmed yet, however, it might be something the company is also going to bring in. The company was working on changing the database of iOS to another that will work together with the Android format earlier. Well, the new feature is still under development and it will soon be available on devices.


The company now has 2 billion people making use of its app and in recent months, it has been releasing features to reduce the forwarding of viral messages. The company also included a search feature to assist users in exposing misinformation that can easily spread on the messaging service.