Whatsapp includes biometric authentication logging in on desktop


Whatsapp includes biometric authentication logging in on the desktop. Whatsapp is a free, messaging app that enables you to create videos, make voice calls, send messages and so many more to do on the flatform all with just your Wi-Fi connection.

With more than 2 billion active users, WhatsApp is especially well-known among friends and families who reside in different locations and want to get to each other.


This app is very free to use as it enables you to send messages, send voice notes, make video calls, make a voice call, and the rest for free. You just need a stable Wi-Fi connection to get started. The app is also very simple to make use of and it is really fun.

On the platform, you get to post videos, pictures, and lots more on your status and you also get to see other people’s posts. In all, Whatsapp is sure a lively messaging platform where you get to communicate with your family, friends, and business associates.

Now the company is set to include biometric authentication logging in on the desktop.

Whatsapp includes biometric authentication logging in on desktop

Whatsapp is now adding biometric authentication logging in on desktop which is a more secure way to link your WhatsApp account. Very soon, if you have enabled the biometric authentication on your phone, you will now have to unlock the app before you can possibly link your account.

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Whatsapp mentions that the latest system is to make sure that if anyone finally or possible gain access to your phone. Such persons will not be able to connect your account to their web browser. And which will, in turn, enable them to view any messages you send or receive.

The new system by WhatsApp will soon be enabled by default on every iPhone device that is running iOS 14. With either Face ID or Touch ID, as well as any Android devices that have possibly enabled biometric authentication. And this really means that users will have to make use of it to connect their accounts.

Only if they disable biometric authentication for their whole device.

Users who have not enabled biometric authentication will be able to link their account

Also, users who do not have any biometric authentication enabled on their device. Or have possibly put it off will then be able to connect their account as usual.

With any other use of biometric security on modern smartphones. The latest system does not mean that Whatsapp is gaining accessing or receiving your fingerprints or facial scan. Instead, it is literally just making use of the same biometric data APIs that other app does

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So as to gain access to the on-device security system. As an additional measure of authentication before it enables users to link their accounts.

So, in a similar way to making use of a fingerprint reader to log in to your banking app. It does not really grant any bank your fingerprint scans. Making use of the latest biometric unlock system here to connect your account to your computer is not providing your personal information either to either Facebook or Whatsapp.


Whatsapp mentions that the latest update should be available in some weeks from now on compatible devices.