Whatsapp conversation/chat shortcut you never knew existed

Whatsapp is exceedingly not that boring, as there are tons of shortcut embedded in the app. This shortcut enables users to Bold, underline, list an item, highlight and much more. Stick with us while we enlighten you on hidden WhatsApp conversation shortcuts that you never knew existed.

Whatsapp conversation/chat shortcut you never knew existed

             How to delete shortcut in Whatsapp

How to delete a contact in Whatsapp

  • The first step is to open your WhatsApp then go to the Chats tab.
  • On the chat tab, tap on the new chat icon, click on the contact. Enter the name at the top of the chat screen.
  • The next step is to click on the Menu Button, then you can now view the address book. Tap the menu button and delete.
  • When you are done with the above steps, refresh your WhatsApp contacts by restarting your WhatsApp. Tap the new chat icon then the Menu Button and click on the Refresh button.

How to delete a group from Whatsapp

  • Launch your WhatsApp and scroll to the group you intend to delete.
  • Click on the group and press the menu button, you will be given options.
  • Select exit group from the given options, then click on delete group.
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Whatsapp shortcut words

Whatsapp shortcut words are some abbreviations of words that are commonly used by Whatsapp users. In some cases, some people that are not familiar with the words, some users find it difficult to understand it. Some of these words will be outlined with their meaning.

  • LOL means laughing out loud.
  • ASAP means As soon as possible.
  • TGIF means thank God it Friday.
  • THNX mean thanks.
  • HF means how far or have fun.
  • HTH means hope this help.
  • IDK means I don’t know.
  • NVM means never mind.
  • WTH means what the hell

How to format your WhatsApp message

Whatsapp have the feature of allowing users to format their messages in different styles but this is unknown to some users.

Italic format

To italicize your message, simply place an underscore on both sides of the text, like this: _boy_

Bold format

For the bold format, you can just place an asterisk on both sides of the text, like the example given here: *message*

Strikethrough format

The strikethrough is very easy to apply this to your WhatsApp message, kindly place a tilde on the sides of your text that is: ~gratitude~

Monospace format

To monospace your message, you just have to place three backticks on the sides of your text that you want to monospace.  e.g: “`come“`

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Note: There is also an alternative method of doing all the above formats. For your Android, you can click and hold the text you are typing. Select either the strikethrough, bold, monospace, and italic. But for your iPhone, you can click and hold the text you are typing, select the format you intend on using it can be bold, italic or strikethrough.

How to add WhatsApp to your lock screen

  • first and foremost you have to be on your home screen. Click on the Settings, tap the Lock Screen and security then click on Info and app shortcuts.
  • Choose either the Left shortcut or Right shortcut, you can now choose WhatsApp to be the default action on the home screen.