Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Business now has 50m MAUs, adds QR Codes, and Catalogue Sharing


The worldwide COVID 19 health pandemic has raised a stake for businesses, especially Whatsapp Business. To make use of digital channels so as to easily connect with their customers and vice versa.

Whatsapp Business

Well, Whatsapp has released the feature including QR codes, and catalog sharing. This feature really benefited and is benefiting so many businesses on Whatsapp. That is, so may Businesses on WhatsApp today can now easily make use of the QR code on WhatsApp. Which makes it very easy for customers to reach out to them or send messages.

Whatsapp Business

QR code

Normally, when a user wants to reach out to a business on WhatsApp. Be it a restaurant, a gadget shop, fashion shop, etc. He or she has to start adding the person’s number to their contact list before they can be able to call or message them.

However, as of recent Whatsapp released a QR code. With this, customers can just easily scan the QR code to message any business they want to message them. Without having to start adding up the business’ number to call or message them.

In addition, businesses on Whatsapp now have the option to change or edit the first message a customer will see or receive while scanning their QR code. The options may include a greeting, with information like a link to their menu or product catalog or their business hours.


Catalog: When we speak of Catalogs, Whatsapp really made it very easy for businesses to share their catalogs using the messaging app. All Catalogs that act as a lightweight alternative to an official website can also be shared through links. In order for them to be viewable outside the Whatsapp app.


Both features are now available and can be accessed through the Whatsapp Business API and also the Whatsapp Business app.


Interestingly, you can as well share your links to Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms too!

Stickers on Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp also provided a whole lot of amazing stickers for businesses on Whatsapp. Stickers with inscriptions like: “SORRY”, “We’re OPEN”, “sorry CLOSED”, “ADDRESS please”, “free DELIVERY”, “OUT OF stock”, “BACK IN STOCK”, and so many others.

The Whatsapp business app is used by businesses to interact with their customers on Whatsapp and to also advertise their products.

Apparently, Whatsapp Business has over 50 million users using the platform monthly, following what Facebook said. The app’s two largest markets for service include India and Brazil. India, which has over 15 million monthly active users and Brazil which has over 5 million monthly active users. Specifically, catalogs have 40 million viewers.

The Reason why Facebook added the new feature to the Whatsapp Business

Though, the main reason why Facebook included all these useful and amazing features into the Whatsapp business is due to the coronavirus health pandemic.

As we all know that companies and shops have been on total lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. So, Facebook made it safer by including these features in Whatsapp business so that people can order online and get their goods delivered to them safely.

If you want to reach out for a business, you do not have to start entering phone numbers, no! All you have to do is just scan the QR code of the business.


You can scan the QR code either from a business’ QR code pasted or displayed at the front of their store, posted on the web. You can as well choose to scan the QR code from a product or a receipt. Depending on the one you get so as to connect with the business.