Howto setup whatsapp messenger on blackberry Bold 5, 9790, Curve and other non bb10 – Download


Do you know that your Blackberry devices other than the BB 10 devices can run WhatsApp Messenger? Read this article now and get to know how you can make use of WhatsApp with your Blackberry devices.

Whatsapp blackberry Bold 5, 9790, Curve bb10 Download

Blackberry OS was first released on January 19, 1999. The version 1.0. And then modifications started down to the present year. This OS is a proprietary mobile operating system. Developed by Blackberry Limited to its line of smartphone handheld devices.

Blackberry WhatsApp on Bold 5

Now, lets read on How to make use of WhatsApp with your Blackberry mobile devices. After much thinking, this means was devised by the MikiGuru Team. In other to use WhatsApp Messenger with your BB OS you should follow the steps below. I call it “The WhatsApp Travel”

Time Zone Setting

The first thing to do is to change your BB Time zone. How do you do this? You can do this by tapping on the options icon in you BB Home screen. Then you navigate to “Date/Time” setting. The screen that displays to you, leads the Time Zone setting.

You should remove the Time Zone setting from Automatic to Manual. Change your Time Zone to a WhatsApp supported time that is West Africa Time.


Date/Time Setting

After setting the Time Zone, change the mobile date to September 2015 with any day of your choice. Also, change the time (optional) or you leave the time in whatever hours: minutes: seconds that it is in. After all these settings, you should restart your Blackberry device (Remember this steps is only for BB devices other than BB 10 OS).

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Download WhatsApp

After restarting your BB device, you download the WhatsApp Messenger Application. You should know that the WhatsApp Application must be downloaded using Blackberry AppWorld. How do You Download WhatsApp Messenger Using the BB AppWorld? It is simple.

In your Home Screen navigate and tap the Blackberry AppWorld Application. After launching you either use the search box on the top part of the App screen and type in “WhatsApp Messenger” or you go to Application > Instant Messaging > WhatsApp Messenger and then you download the App.

Setting Up WhatsApp Messenger

Still with the previous settings that you have made with your Time Zone, Date/Time, and WhatsApp downloads. Launch the WhatsApp Messenger App. Type in your Mobile number in the required box and tap the Enter button beside it. And wait for the verification process to complete.

Once the process is completed, type in your screen display name and add a profile image of your choice.Then tap Enter. Your WhatsApp is now ready. But don’t just end there.

Restart Your Blackberry Device

Now, restart the BB Mobile device. Then you make your original settings with the Date/Time only. Leave the time zone as set. Then you launch your WhatsApp messenger and start enjoying instant messaging once more. Note that: If asked to upgrade after all this, ensure to upgrade the Application immediately.

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You should follow this steps properly to get the best of it.


Whatsapp official website, click HERE

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