Zynn App

What is Zynn App Review and is Zynn Legit?


A new app similar to TikTok and second to Duoyin has just raved the internet. This app is known as Zynn. Like I said earlier, the Zynn app is not different from TikTok.

Zynn App

Both displays short videos for users to watch. The only great difference between the Zynn App and TikTok is that Zynn pays it users just to watch short videos.

And while watching these videos, your point counts. After your timer must have been filled up, you earn rewards which can as well be cashed out or redeemed for gift card. Surprising right?

To cash out, you gonna have to create a PayPal account that is linked to Zynn. To get paid heavily, Zynn says: ” invite 5 friends and get $110″. It doesn’t just end there. You will have to get those friends to sign up and use the app continuously.

Now let me brief you on what the Zynn app is all about!

What is Zynn App?

Searching for where to express yourself fully, share your moments, and lighten up your creativity? Then why not try Zynn!.

Zynn is the latest mobile app mainly for PC users from the Owlii inc. Company. It displays short form videos just like TikTok. Zynn is a very simple and exciting app which enable users earn money just by watching short videos constantly. As well as referring friends to download the app, sign up, and constantly use it.


Zynn app is also used to create short-form videos and here you can also find and build up your content.

Is Zynn Legit?

Wondering if Zynn is a spam? On this platform you earn so much money. One thing you should know is that the total number of money Zynn give out is far lesser than what the Company gets.

So many users on Facebook and YouTube have been showing screenshot and videos of their payment receipts. So by now you should be able to tell if zynn app is legit or not.

How do I earn money with Zynn?

Earning money with Zynn is quite easy and simple. So to know about it, follow the steps below. Here’s how you can earn money with Zynn (US and Canada only):

  • Download the Zynn app and sign up. You can choose to sign up with either your Facebook account, Google account and Phone number. Once you sign up as a new user, you will be rewarded with $1.
  • Then enter a referral code (you have only 3 days to do that so as to receive an additional $1).
  • Now watch videos continuously!
  • To make real money from Zynn, all you have to do is to refer new users and get them to sign up and watch videos every time.

Withdrawing Cash


Zynn have some restrictions with the withdrawal of Cash. Below are the restrictions:

  • One can not withdraw more that once in a day.
  • You should withdraw $5, $10, $20, or $50.
  • A person can loose his/her reward if such person fails to use the app within 30 days.
  • And you must have a PayPal account to withdraw to.

Problems with Zynn

  • Minor bugs like videos not able to load.
  • People do complain that their customer support is slow.
  • Their referral bonus fail at times.
  • Planned service interruption.