What is Web Hosting and How to Host a Website

Web hosting entails signing up with a web hosting company to provide storage space for a website on its server that is constantly connected to the internet. So that it can be accessed by any users connected to the internet.

What is Web Hosting and How to Host a Website

Web hosting companies are companies that rent out their web hosting services and technologies to other companies as well as individuals looking to connect their website to the internet. They also provide services that enable access to uploaded files. In reality, what happens is the accessing device connects to the web hosting server where your website is hosted to make a request for the data stored on the Domain name.  While the server, in turn, sends/serves the data stored to display the web browser of the visitor companies.


The web hosting companies also provides add-on services such as  data backup, firewall protection, technical support, email services, domain name registration, website building tools, and applications.

Choosing a web

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