WeChat, Trump administration is blocked by U.S. district court


WeChat, Trump administration is blocked by U.S. district court. Some days ago, the U.S. Commerce Department made a series of rules. That helped in blocking the download of WeChat and TikTok by American users. This was according to an executive order that was signed by President Donald Trump in August.

TikTok receives a high time temporary pardon together with its signing of a cloud services deal. Also, it is signing of an investment with Walmart and Oracle. Which led to the delay in the execution of the ban placed on its download for about a week.

Although, WeChat was supposed to be shut down before with a ban on any services that controlled the service. As well as a ban on downloads.


There is now a new crease in the fight over the tomorrow of the social app. That is mainly and commonly used in Communities where they speak Chinese and the app is possessed by China-based Tencent. A district court judge based in San Francisco has stayed the worldwide ban temporarily.

Together with a lawsuit of WeChat users disagreeing that the ban compromised the American citizens’ free speech rights. In the court case, U.S. WeChat Users Alliance v. Trump will be allowed to begin.


Judge Laurel Beeler’s Opinion on the Ban

In Beeler’s opinion that was published days back. The United States disagreed that the case of the government showed nothing but weaknesses on First Amendment grounds. Its power to act within existing legislation to enable the government to rule the industry.

Also, its general obscurity compared to the destruction a ban would do in the United States on the Chinese-speaking community.

Here is her opinion below and it reads thus:

“Certainly the government’s overarching national-security interest is significant. But on this record – while the government has established that China’s activities raise significant national – security concerns. It has put in scant little evidence that its effective ban of WeChat for all U.S. addresses those concerns.

Alternatives to WeChat Ban

And, as the plaintiffs point out. There are obvious alternatives to a complete ban, such as barring WeChat from government devices, as Australia has done. Or taking other steps to address data security”.

With the likelihood of a lawsuit starting and the fast damage, a ban would have if executed. The judge commenced a worldwide injunction against the implementation of the order of the Commerce Department to ban the app. Commerce will have the opportunity to reply to this development.


And if it decides to edit its order, chase other avenues via the courts, or just completely reverse the order. We will see in the days ahead.