Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart Money Card and Walmart MoneyCard Charges

The Walmart MoneyCard is a very efficient service that has made transactions very easy for its users. Many users have attested to the secure and efficient feature of the cards.

Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart money card

The cards serve a lot of purpose including using it for purchases that range from buying furniture, electronics, clothes to groceries.

These Money Cards can be used online or in stores to purchase anything. With the quick and safe convenience of the re-loadable prepaid master card or visa card, transactions have been made so much easier.

The money cards are quite easy to get and it doesn’t require a bank account to get one. When you order for your card online, an overdraft or purchase fee won’t be issued to you. Though a load fee will be issued to you.

The issuers of the Walmart’s MoneyCard MasterCard are the Green Dot Bank. The cards are issued as a pursuant to a license by the MasterCard International Incorporated. The license is from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

Transacting with the Walmart MoneyCard

The company’s MoneyCard is a reloadable prepaid card that serves the same purpose as a debit card or check card. It’s quite simple to get and use the account just the same way a checking account is used.It also has other useful extra benefits. A unique benefit it has over a regular bank card is you earn money back on any cash spent at Walmart.

This is how the unique benefit works: A user earns 1 percent on anything bought from Walmart stores, 2 percent for any money spent at Walmart petrol stations and Murphy USA, and 3 percent for every purchase from So annually, a user can get back up to $75 in cash. The company sells things at affordable prices. So its like winning twice when you buy from Walmart at low prices and using the MoneyCard too. Users have another way to save, yet they receive early sales notices and special discounts as MoneyCard holders.

Walmart MoneyCard charges

Below are the most common charges for the Walmart MoneyCard:

  • Issuance fee: $3.00
  • Monthly maintenance fee: $3.00
  • Check Cashing fees apply. [Not available in all states.]
  • Reload fee: $3.00 (free with direct deposit and Check Cashing)

Learn about other charges in the Walmart MoneyCard Cardholder Agreement.

The Walmart MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark have registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. Apply for your Walmart MoneyCard at

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