Verizon nationwide 5G can be slower than its LTE network


Verizon nationwide 5G can be slower than its LTE network. Verizon’s latest nationwide 5G is said to be slower than its LTE network, to the extent that its users are allegedly better off just deactivating 5G completely except they are close to a mmWave network.

The outcome comes from the testing carried out by PC Magazine’s Sascha Sagan, who points culprit to Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, or DSS.


The tech enables carriers to run 5G and LTE networks side by side, which is beneficial if, like Verizon, you do not have sufficient steadfast 5G spectrum yet. While the carrier has widely concentrated on its mmWave network until currently.

Verizon has started launching a mid-band nationwide 5G network

It has started launching a mid-band nationwide 5G network. Which vows to prevent mmWave’s range issues by making use of DSS. The only catch is that, with Verizon, it looks like this tech results in poor performance in severe cases. For phones operating or functioning in 5G mode.

For now, the solution is just to put off 5G if you are a customer of Verizon. If that has you worried about speeds compared to your T-Mobile customer-friends, you do not have to brood over it. Earlier this year in its nationwide speed test, PC Magazine noticed that the 5G of T-Mobile can sometimes be slower than the LTE of Verizon.

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Even if it makes use of steadfast and committed 5G bands. The same nationwide test also showed that the 5G of AT&T can be slower than its LTE also – which is sensible, given that it makes use of the DSS technology also for its 5G network.

The Test Result from PC Magazine

The outcome from PC Magazine was done only in New York City. So if you own a 5G phone on Verizon, it may be very important to check and see if you for real receiving faster speeds with the 5G on. However, if you are not receiving faster speeds, it may be important you put it off completely for now.

This is likely to just be a short-term problem. Just as Verizon keeps including steadfast and committed 5G spectrum, their speeds are going to upgrade.

It is very essential to take note that this does not apply to the mmWave technology of Verizon. Which is very much faster than anything that any other carrier has to give out. Though, while mmWave has got the speed, it does not have the range. And it can be obstructed by buildings, trees, and windows too sometimes.

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However if oftentimes, you notice that the 5G UB logo keeps popping up on your screen and you need the speed. Then it may be worth leaving 5G on. Even if it could result in slowdowns when you get out of its range.