Vector – Mobile Game and Review

Vector is a mobile game which involved running to save your life and when running you must be very careful in to save your life. Vector the Mobile Game Vector is one easy game to play but you have to be able to run, jump and stunt when necessary in order to be secure about your life.

One thing you must note about this game, there is always a character that is going to go after you until you are hunted down.

Vector is not like some other running games which are endless, this game have a goal which you must reached to get to the next stage.

Features of Vector Game

This game was well produced to meet the needs and satisfaction of users, with some nice features in it.

  •  This game vector was built on different locations which are the construction yard, technology park, down town and so on. All these location have an amount of stars you must get along the road as you run.
  •  Some features in Vector are very important to unlock player is required to get some setting number of Coins and stars to unlock them. Such as game level, locations, modes and so on.
  • One most important feature of this game is the main menu which shows the store where you can get tricks, gears, and gadgets to protect the main character on the game. There is a stats which shows your slide down, running distance, jumps count, and bonus collected as you are running.
  •  One nice features of this game is the entertaining aspect, the game is simple and enjoyable because of its goal of Running from the hunters who are after you.

How to Play Vector Game

The main objective of Vector game is to achieve what the game level needs. This game is all about jumping, running and stunting when necessary.

You must be observant and calculative when running, this enable you jump through or slide through some obstacles like blocks, tables, pits and some high construction project along the way, because these obstacles might slow you down and give the hunter that is going after you an edge to catch you.

In this game running is always constant, you must keep running to stay alive and avoid been caught but stunt is not perform always, stunting is perform when necessary and it is been purchase on your way when running for your life.

How to Purchase Stunts in Vector Game

Stunts in vector is been purchase with the money you collected along the way.

Stunts can be bought by you swiping the screen of you phone up. When you come across those Stunt icon along the way that indicate the kind of stunt that you see. Money for the stunt will be removed from the one you have collected during you adventure.

How to Download Vector Game on Mobile Devices

The game Vector is available only on mobile device. Such as Android, Blackberry and IOS. It is free to Download player don’t need to pay any fee to download this app.

It is available on all mobile play store. Users can enter the key word Victor on their play store search bar for quick access.

Recommendation on How to Run Vector on PC

The game is build basically to run on mobile device. It has a standard file format as .apk this file for works only on android operating system.

To install .apk on PC you need an Android emulator. There are two basic emulator I we recommend to you they are Andy Emulator and BlueStacks emulator.

The emulator is an Android operating system that is compatible and work on PC. Installing it on your PC give you full access to install android App on your PC.

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