UC Browser download, for PC, Windows, Android and iOS

UC Browser is a free web browser for devices with Ad-Block function, data saving, fast download, and also aid users access videos, news, music, etc. The browser also has different websites on the home page which users may want to access.

UC Browser download for PC, Windows, android and iOS

UC Browser Review

ucweb.com also known as UC Mobile is a Chinese mobile Internet company that specializes in a mobile browser, searches, UC News, etc. They also offer other products and services. Its most popular product, UC Browser, ranked the highest in the China, India and Indonesia market in the year 2013.

UCWeb was developed as a mobile browser creator in 2004. Over the past years, it grew to different areas like mobile gaming, mobile reading, mobile search, etc. The company’s product; UC Browser, is the most known product of its kind in China with over 65.9% market value. This report was according to market researcher iResearch. It also ranks as the no. 1 web browser in India with over 34% market share, via StatCounter.

This report was according to market researcher iResearch. It also ranks as the no. 1 web browser in India with over 34% market share, via StatCounter.

This browser is available in 11 languages; English, Hindi, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, etc. It is also available on all major mobile operating system platforms; Android, Blackberry, iOS, Java, Windows Phone, etc. The browser is one of the fastest web browsers available and it is quite economical based on data consumption. Its economic feature is made possible by a cloud system and its data compression technology. As of March 2014, UC Browser has over 500 million users around the world.

UCWeb was purchased by Alibaba Group in the biggest Chinese Internet joint deal. Due to this development, UCWeb formed the Alibaba UC mobile business group by joining part of the mobile-related businesses with the Alibaba company. This was in June 2014. After the joint business, the Alibaba UC mobile business group will take charge of the browser, app store, search, mobile reader operations, mobile gaming and location based service. The browser’s game distribution platforms are:

  • 9Apps
  • 9Game

ucweb.com is free and it supports both web and wap page browsing. This browser is available on different devices and has several versions; Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Java, Smart phone and Windows Mobile. UC Browser has a nice, easy to navigate and organized interface. One of its amazing features is its download management that could resume from a break point. It could also serve as a download manager for devices.


This browser is quite fast and its latest version can load up to 20 tabs at once. The version also includes support for hardware acceleration of page loading for devices with either 2GB RAM or more. Although, that’s a high feature as only a few phones have such amount of RAM, however, newer phones will meet this requirement.  Users can also choose the page elements they want to save and it is quite useful for those who want to save only images. The iPad version of this browser enables users to watch floating videos while doing other things on the website.

UC Browser’s first timers

When a user opens UCWeb for the first time, they can import bookmarks from other browsers, though passwords and browsing histories can’t be imported. Then you are advised to set your Speed Dial page which serves as the first thing you see each time you open a new tab. The Speed Dial helps you add your favorite URLs for a quick and single-tap access. The browsers also have a plain villa RSS reader that lets you aggregate contents from your preferred mobile news sources.

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UC Browser is a company that makes mobile browsers and its browsers show in the browser’s minimalist interface and browser’s slick. A top URL bar serves as a double search bar, while navigation bar at the bottom of the browser’s interface includes all the shortcuts; page toggling, general settings menu, back/forward loading and an advanced settings menu to maximizing the screen.

Limited Customizing on UC Browser

This site supports pinch-zoom and dynamic wrapping; users can either increase or decrease their font size with this gesture. However, there aren’t enough swiping gestures for touchscreen mobile use, only horizontal swiping to toggle back and forth is available on this website.

General Settings: For a familiar list of mobile browser features such as accessing a list of downloaded items or sharing web gems with family and friends. There is also a “find in page” feature, which is rarely seen in other mobile browsers; this feature is quite helpful.

Advanced Settings: Here you can tweak how your pages are rendered, enable rotation and page acceleration, adjust brightness levels or flip your user agent to desktop or mobile. Users can also restore tabs if the browser crashes. You can also remember passwords or change the number of pages that cache.

UC Browser for PCs

The UCWeb new PC browser for windows is similar to the google Chrome interface. Almost everything including the bookmarks, menus, URL bar and tabs look like Chrome. The notable difference is the blue squirrel in a corner of the browser’s interface. It soon became vivid that the browser for PC was not built from the scratch. It was built following the designs of Chromium, the source frame work that Google launched a few years ago. However, it is wrong to think the PC’s version of the browser is a clone. UC Browser is the highest selling product in the Asia market.

This version of the UCWeb has made it easy to synchronize bookmarks and pages between devices. To send a page from a computer to a mobile device, click the QR-code button on the browser’s URL bar and scan it with the mobile browser’s inbuilt scanner. There is also the Android management interface. This enables users to download, install and manage applications from within the PC browser. Short messages and files can also be sent between devices.

Other features includes a button that turns your PC into a personal WiFi hotspot for your cell phone. Though this can only be done when you have the right instruments – pre-fetching pages, cloud acceleration and infinite scrolling. Also, there is an official WeChat extension. This works as a pop out window; this means that the messaging app can be on the desktop of Windows’ users. However, the app is still limited to bare chat functions but some out of the browser’s 355 million active users will be enticed.

UCWeb for Windows is still technically in open beta testing, so additional developments are expected. It is aimed mainly at the Chinese market for now, with no declaration yet on an English version.

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How to download ucweb.com

To download UC Browser go to wap.ucweb.com, then choose the version you want, preferably the latest version and your preferred language. You will also see the UC Browser for Android on the page you’ll be redirected to or you could go to the Google Play Store to download the one for Android.

Users can also get ucweb.com for Blackberry by going to wap.ucweb.com. Use your Blackberry web browser. When you’ve installed the browser to your mobile phone, set your network to BIS.

Users can download the browser for iPhone, iPad at iTunes App Store. Users should note that when they want to download music from the browser with an iPad, app redirects them to Safari browser where the link is opened and the music auto-played. To directly download the music, copy the file URL from the Safari address bar and paste it in the iPad’s Goodreader app. This way, the music is downloaded automatically to your iPad.

You can edit the browser’s setting to your preference when you have downloaded it via the menu.

Features of the web browser

The following are the main features of the UCWeb:

Floating Window Mode: The small window mode allows the video window to be moved from the web page and hanged on the screen top. This enables you to watch your videos and still do other things on the site.

The Facebook Mode: This feature accelerates Facebook despite your network condition. The browser finds a way to quicken your browsing speed.

Amazing Experience: Enjoy the best of browsing. Users now have quick access to entertainment, socializing and web searching. Also, wave goodbye to frozen pages.

Saves Data: The browser speeds up navigation, helps save a lot of mobile data traffic and compresses data.

Speedy Downloads: The servers stabilize and speed ups downloads. If any interruption or disconnection takes place, the browser continues the download from break point. By speeding up download processes, it saves the user’s time for downloadable files.

Blocks Ads: The ad blocking function blocks different kinds of adverts that affect a user’s browsing experience. It stops pop-up banner ads and lets you visit web pages without frustrating pop-up ads.

Night Mode Reading: Users can now read comfortably at night with this new and unique feature by switching to the night mode on the browser.

Other features include: Bookmarks and history, File and Download managers, Multi-tabs, Optimization, Powerful search, Preload, Privacy, Save and share, Site navigation, URL auto completion, View mode, etc.

ucweb.com Profile

  • Name: UC Browser
  • Industry: Internet
  • Founder(s): He Xiaopeng, Liang Jie
  • Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
  • Key people: Yu Yongfu (President)
  • Products: Mobile search engine, Mobile web browser, etc
  • Area served: Worldwide
  • Parent: Alibaba Group
  • Website: www.ucweb.com

For more information, visit the website at www.ucweb.com