Uber opens car rentals in the UK for maximum social distancing


Uber is a platform where drivers and delivery agents can connect with eaters, riders, and even restaurants. It can as well be defined as a transportation network company, known mainly for its ride-hailing taxi app. In some countries where Uber is available, you can make use of the Uber app to demand a ride.


The app also shows you an estimated time of arrival for the driver heading towards your location. Now, the company has launched car rentals in the UK for paramount social distancing. Follow up in this article, and read through to understand more.

Uber opens car rentals in the UK for maximum social distancing

Uber today, has announced that it will soon enable users in the UK to rent cars through its app. In a collaboration with CarTrawler, a car rental company. Users will be able to choose the new “Uber Rent” option from inside the app. And later browse cars that are available for their selected date and location.

Rental cars can be picked up afterward from the “hundreds” of car rent company pickup locations. However, the launch in the UK goes with trials in Australia and France.

This process operates a little much different from Uber’s bike or its scooter rentals. However, Uber says you are practically able to place your bookings at the same time as you pick up the automobile. (as you would when you rent one of its Jump bikes in the UK).

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It advises you to make bookings for your car for at least a day in advance. Rentals can be withdrawn up to 2 days ahead of collection and Uber is giving up to 25 percent discounts on rentals.


Uber announced something similar to this in 2018

This is not the first time Uber is providing car rentals. It also announced something similar to this in the year 2018 in collaboration with Getaround in the US. But, the company stopped the consumer-focused part of the program later in 2018.

To only focus on offering cars for rental exclusively for its drivers. However, the outbreak of the coronavirus could give the scheme a new lease of life. Notwithstanding, the company has set up a lot of health and safety precautions for its drivers.

To prevent the almighty coronavirus. Staying in a place locked up with a total stranger can still be very risky. Also, the substitute, public transport comes with its social distancing problems. Uber says that cars for a rental will completely be cleaned between users.

Car rentals are the newest product offering that the company is exploring

Car rentals are no doubt the newest product offering that Uber is exploring after being disturbed heavily by the coronavirus pandemic. In August, the company said it had lost $1.8 billion in the quarter. Also, its ride-hailing business was down 80 percent compared to the other year.

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The decrease has pushed the company to dismiss thousands of employees. And it is notified that it may have to close down its operations in California. After a court said that it should categorize its drivers as employees.

In response to this, Uber is exploring more places for growth. Its newly acquired meal delivery service Postmates opened an on-demand grocery delivery service in Canada and Latin America. And even collaborated with a commuter riverboat service in London on “Uber Boat”.


However, Uber says the service will be launching today. The car rental performance does not seem to be live in the iOS or Android apps just yet. We have been following Uber for more update and will let you know if there is any.