Twitter and JPMorgan to Remove “Master”, “Slave”, and “Blacklist” from their code


Twitter wants to remove “master”, “slave”, and “blacklist” from its programming code. And also “man-hours”, “grandfathered”, and “sanity check”. Just after two of the engineers opted to use more inclusive programming language. Not only Twitter, JPMorgan, (America’s biggest bank) is also taking the same step as Twitter.


“Master” and “slave” is a process in the programming code that controls other codes. While the “blacklist” shows or displays to you items that have been blocked. Items like forbidden IP addresses and the rest.

The head of Twitter’s engineering team, (Michael Montano), said in a tweet: “We are committed to adopting inclusive language in our code, configuration, documentation and beyond”.

“master” and “slave” is going to be the “primary” and “replica” or the “follower” and “replica”. But the “blacklist” will be a “denylist”.

BBC and Reuter’s report concerning JPMorgan Chase’ Plan

There was a debate over the language that the engineering teams use. It was amplified by the Black Lives Matter movement. The Black Lives Matter movement is pushing so many companies to help stop discrimination and to treat the Black employees well, following the death of George Floyd.


Following the report of BBC and Reuters, JPMorgan Chase also has plans to eliminate “master”, “slave”, as well as “blacklist” from its programming code and its internal material.

Twitter’s effort was being led and headed by Kevin Oliver and also by Regynald Augustin.

Regynald Augustin’s Tweet on Twitter

Regynald, (a black) tweeted on twitter saying that he was inspired to make changes not long after an email was sent to the engineering team. With the line that reads: “automatic slave rekick”.

He said: “Seeing it was infuriating”. He further added, saying: “I’ve been used to seeing the word ‘slave’ throughout my computer science education but this was different”.

Twitter also mentioned that aside from the “master”, “slave”, and “blacklist” that it is planning to remove from its programming code. He will as well remove “dummy value”, which will later be a “sample value” or a “placeholder value”. And also “grandfathered”, which will later be a “legacy status”.

Though, the debate over “master” and “slave” and others is not a new thing. The “master/slave” terminologies were released by Python in the year, 2018, which is 2 years ago.


However, in 2014, Drupal replaced the terminologies with “primary/replica”. Also, in the year 2003, Los Angeles County told suppliers, as well as contractors to never use the “master” and “slave” terminologies on computer equipment.