How to use Trust Wallet on PC – iOS (iPhone) and Android | Wallet Connect

After the Apple BAN and disabled DAPP (Decentralized Application) browser in trust wallet, a lot of apple users began to look for alternate ways to purchase coins/tokens securely.


Well, this has really been a pain in the neck as a lot of Apple users use the Dapp browser to access and purchase Tokens/coins from popular platforms like Pancakeswap, Uniswap, and much more.

The good thing about Trustwallet and Metamask is that they automatically connect your wallet to those platforms only from the permission granted by the users, this also makes purchasing crypto from decentralized platforms easy.

Trust Wallet Review

As the name implies, it is a wallet. Trust wallet is actually one of the best cryptocurrency and ethereum wallet so far for storing your favorite coins and token.

Tokens and coins like ERC20, BEP2, BEP20, and ERC721 tokens. With trust wallet, you can easily Buy and collect NTFs and also enjoying from the benefits of staking which also rewards the user.

Trust wallet App helps keep your coins secure, but can also be risky if you forgot to save your keyphrase.

This keyphrase helps you restore your wallet easily, just in case you change your phone. Your keyphrase should never be shared with anyone and users are advised to keep it safe.

Download Trust wallet apk (Android) and iOS (iPhone)

You can easily download Trust wallet App from Appstore or play store. All you have to do is to open your App Store or Google Play App on your mobile device.

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Navigate to the search box and search for Trust wallet. To ensure you are downloading the original App, make sure for Android, the developers are “DApps Platform Inc” this can be found under the name of the App. Apple users, ensure the developers are “SIX DAYS LLC“.

For quick navigation, you can download the Trust wallet Android APK and iOS iPhone APK.

Trust Wallet Browser: How to connect Trust Wallet on PC

I personally like using PC/Laptops to check my coins to make better buying and selling decisions. Probably because of the big screen.

The first thing you need to know is that Trust wallet has no laptop version, but rather a Trusted third party system that enables different wallets to connect to desktop (PC).

WalletConnect helps you easily connect to DAPP. As the platform states, it is an Open Protocol (basically Transmission) for connecting to Dapps (Decentralized Application). You can learn more from their official platform: for more information.

Walletconnect is compatible with so many wallets, such as Metamask, Trust Wallet, Safepal, and more listed on their platform:

Connecting Your Wallet to PC DAPP | Trust wallet browser using WalletConnect + Pancakeswap

This strategy is not limited to Pancakeswap or UNiswap, but functional to all Dapps that accept/integrate wallet connect to its platform.

We will be using Pancake swap for this example. Let’s get started, follow the step below:

  • At the top right, click on connect.

Connect 'Home I PancakeSwap - pancakeswap

Popup Trust wallet

  • A list of connectable wallets will pop up. Look for WalletConnect and tap as another popup will appear containing a barcode that you can scan using your mobile phone’s trustwallet.
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WalletConnect on iPhone

  • Open your iPhone or Android device and navigate to trust wallet. Look for walletConnect from the options section on iPhone, in the Settings options, you will see WalletConnect. Tap on it and it will open your camera scanner, so you can scan the barcode that was generated on pancakeswap.

connected - 'Home I PancakeSwap -

  • Face your camera to the barcode on your laptop and on your phone, click on “Connect”. Hurray, you have successfully connected your Trustwallet to PC…

However, note that some actions might require validation from either your phone or PC/Laptop screen.

You can now navigate to to start swapping coins/tokens… Note that most Purchase on Dapp requires either Ethereum or BNB.

I hope this was helpful, kindly share it with your friends. If you got any questions, kindly drop them in the comment section or leave us a mail on our contact page.

Video Guide

Still having issues connect your wallet to PC, then this video should guide you through how to connect your Trust wallet to PC using WalletConnect.