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Trump Administration appeals another TikTok ruling


Trump administration appeals another TikTok ruling. Trump administration has gotten some experience losing in court currently, and has encountered problem after problem in its opinion that TikTok should be prohibited in the United States.

Still its interest on the video sharing app keeps going. Earlier, the Department of Justice arranged a retrial of an order of a judge that prevented restrictions on TikTok in the United States from accomplishing.

Trump Administration

Carl Nichols, US District Judge sent out an order 7th of December which prevented the curtailment of the Commerce Department on TikTok, which would have blocvked latest downloads of the app from the US app stores. The order by Carl Nichols went with an October order from Wendy Beetlestone, the US District Judge in Pennsylvania.

Who issued a directive against the TikTok ban. As the case may be, 3 content creators had disputed that a ban on TikTok would have an adverse effect on their earnings.

The TikTok-Trump saga began in August

The TikTok-Trump saga started back then in August, when President Donald Trump issued an order. Saying security conerns about WeChat, and TikTok, both China-based apps, initiated a national emergency. He called on IEEPA, the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

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Which enables the president to stop the contract between US and remote institutions. President Donald Trump then issued an order 14th of August ByteDnce (parent company) 90 days. To either trade or derivate in the United States its TikTok business.

Trump Administration – President Donald Trump’s Order

The order by Donald Trump was made to begin operating on the 12th of November. And would have stopped the app operating in the US.

On the 18th of September, the US Commerce Department also issued an order to prevent the downloads of the app in the United States. However, one day later, the president mentioned that he had accepted in concept an offer from Oracle, the cloud computing giant to be the most trusted and reliable tech associate of TikTok.

The deal called for making a new establishment, TikTok Global. And this would be based in the United States of America and take charge of processing. As well as storage for every TikTok users that are based in the United States.

Trump Administration seem to have forgotten about all that was discussed

However, the Trump administration seem to have forgotten about everything. On the 10th of November, TikTok put forward a petition. Looking up to a 30-day expansion of the 12th November time limit. And the company mentioned that it had gotten “no substantial feedback” for some time from the Trump administartion.

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The Trump administration made an expansion of the deadline until 27th of November and also until 4th of December. Then the government mentioned that it would not administer its own deadline.


Although, the shape the appeal will take in the “waning days of a lame duck administration,” is yet to be decided. However US ban on TikTok seems less to occur. TikTok did not respond so soon to an appeal for comment Monday.