Top Translation Apps That You Need When Travelling

Travelling out of your country always attract the fear of a change of language. In recent times translation apps are helping a lot out in coping effectively. Although there are have been websites where you can translate languages for a while now. However the advent of all things mobile has further skyrocketed the usage of these apps.


There are various translation apps out there today with diverse methods of translation to make thing convenient for users. On this post we will be revealing the best translation app you shout pack when travelling.

Top Translation App

Below is the top translation app in no particular order.

Google Translate

Google needs no introduction and its translation app deserves a place on this list. Not just because of the reputation of the parent company but because of the work that has been done on the app. It translates between more languages than other apps on the list. It supports various method of usage including typing, speaking, camera and handwriting modes.

The google translation app can also translate signs and other written word the phone’s camera. There is an offline translation mode for languages, excellent app and website provision.

Recently Google introduced a neural machine translation (NMT) that improves the translation accuracy.

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Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft translation app is widely seen as second to google translate but it is a worthy competitor. Deservedly so because it beats google in some areas.

Microsoft Translator free apps for Windows, iOs, and Android users. Many prefer the interface on wearable devices. The apps can translate speech, text, and images.

A turndown in the translation app is the absence of a real-time video translation feature. To be Fair Microsoft, they are superior in terms of real-time conversation mode.

The Microsoft Translator supports just 61 languages. It also exempts some features for some languages.

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iTranslate Voice

Got a smartphone? translate Voice provides text-to-speech and voice-to-voice translation on both iOs and Android devices.

Translates what you say right after you say it. Some offline capabilities are available for specific languages. Save your most commonly used phrases in a personalized “phrasebook” for easy access.

Languages: iTranslate Voice supports 44 languages and dialects, but not all to the same degree. Find a comprehensive list of which features are available in which languages here.

iTranslate Voice is not as sophisticated as Google translation app but does a whole lot too. However, its voice input and output is worth checking out!


SayHi is a translation app that works on iPhone, Android. It offers speech-to-speech translation in 90 languages and dialects.

The app claims 95% accuracy for voice recognition. You can also choose thr reply voice to male or female and adjust the speech speed.

Languages: SayHi features 90 languages and dialects, including an impressive list of Arabic dialects.  Some languages are text-only, though.


A must-pack if you are Travelling to Asia. Waygo features instant translation for Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters with no data connection required.

The translation app translates Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters using the camera on your smartphone. Just point, shoot and translate.


This translation app combines an interactive phrasebook with an instant voice translator, along with other useful travel tools like emergency information, a currency converter, and a tip calculator.

TripLingo offers some extras features aside from translation. The language translation app is also a  learning tool, cultural information, free international calls with wi-fi and more.

TripLingo offers a package of the app to the company works travelling to over 140 countries to help with local communication.


It is an Optical Character Recognition app. Meaning it can read and translates text from images. Although there are other translation apps that offer same feature but this one does more.

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It offers translation in 100+ plus languages with varying degrees of support

The Pilot

The “Pilot” translation app took the translation app industry by surprise. It is a wearable device with two earpieces and a smartphone app.

It translates in real-time delivering translation directly into your ear canal. The Pilot requires steady Internet access. It translates to English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds is a device that offers Google Translate directly into headphones. The Pixel Buds offer translation in 40 languages.

Real-time translation is available for Afrikaans, English, Russian, Japanese, Serbian,  Finnish, Khmer, Sinhala, Armenian, French, Korean, Slovak, Bengali, German, Spanish,  Latvian, Catalan, Greek, Nepali, Swahili, Chinese, Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Hungarian, Polish, Tamil, Czech, Icelandic, Portuguese, Arabic,Thai, Danish, Indonesian, Romanian, Turkish, Dutch, Italian, Vietnamese.

The first and most obvious drawback is that the earphones are not a stand-alone translation solution. You have to have a Pixel phone.  and it does not work without steady internet provision.

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Translation Apps Worth It?

These apps do alot in making you blending faster with locals of a place. However, if you have a choice between a trusted human translator and the translation app? I will bet on the human doing a better job.

The truth is that translation apps and devices can be inaccurate. Please do not trust them in sensitive matters such as contracts or negotiating deals.