Top Portable Tech Gadgets you will need for everyday use


Top Portable Tech Gadgets you will need for everyday use. Technology is everywhere and it’s what keeps the world going to the extent people have to live their everyday lives using technology. It has taken the role of brightening the day and it can also be seen as a sauce of the morning coffee for almost every home.

Tech Gadgets

Technology can also be called an entertainer because through it medium people have been able to be entertained anywhere, at any time and it has been able to help us do our daily jobs globally.

As the world grows, technology grows too, this growth has also affected the world of gadgets. Gadget is now manufactured in smaller sizes to enhance its portability and make it easy to use.

Aside from our smartphones and personal computers, there are other home gadgets that we can’t leave at home when going for our daily job when you are going for a jog, be it the supermarket or the Gym these gadgets can be life-saving in some occasions.

Just as we said earlier technology is an entertainer, that’s why we have got a list of some technical gadgets for your daily activities.

Top Tech Gadgets for daily uses

Below are some top Portable Tech Gadgets you will need for everyday use

Anker power core power bank

The Anker power core power bank is an amazing Tech Gadgets pocket-friendly power bank, it carries a capacity of 10,000 MAH worth of power. Even as small as the Anker power core power bank might be it’s capable of charging your phone completely over and over again.

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This model carries the Anker propriety voltage boost and power-IQ technology just as other Anker power banks that enhances the charging speed that makes your phone charge faster.

Tesla coil rechargeable lighter (Tech Gadgets)

This handy gadget is one of the most exquisite gadgets. Unlike other old model fluid lighters that are powered by lighter fluid and butane canister that are more expensive.

The tesla arc lighter has a rechargeable battery that produces a windproof Arc instead of fire. The coil lighter doesn’t need lighter fluid or butane canister to power them, it comes with a USB cable that you can charge it with.


Bell beat health tracker

If you are a lady and you love gadgets, I guess this has to be in your gadget list. The bell beat health tracker was made with so many elegant features. Also, it has a leaf-like made pendant and can be worn as a bracelet or necklace. The bell beat tracker is compatible with Android smartphones and Apple devices.

Free hawk key chain multi-tool

You might be caught up somewhere and might need to use a tool or want to cut something. Probably scratch a card. The free hawk multi-tool is a 7-in-1 handy tool that can be used for different purposes.

It has a knife that can be used for cutting. A screwdriver for tightening a screw, a LED light, a bottle cap opener, and more. This tool is portable and can be carried in the pocket without been noticed.

Amir clip-on smartphone camera lens

If you got a smartphone that gives you a smart picture quality then you need to get an Amir clip-on lens. To get a better, clearer, and wider coverage of your picture.

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The Amir lens was constructed with the use of Aluminum and glass, it contains a 0.4x super wide-angle lens. A 180-degree fisheye lens and a 10x macro zoom lens for a better snapping experience. This gadget is compatible with all android devices and Apple devices.

Aeifond Bluetooth Smartwatch (Tech Gadgets)

Having a Bluetooth smartwatch is just so classy and technical it doesn’t need to be held or put in the pocket, it can be worn on the wrist all day long.

The Aeifond smartwatch can carry many features such as sending and receiving information from your phone. The vibrant LED touch screen is so vivid and charming to eyes. It can also be used to make the dial and receive calls from the watch. The Aeifond smart is just like the apple watch but it is compatible with android devices.

Nano key chain flashlight


Flashlights are also part of the new innovation of handy gadgets, they are manufactured in big and smaller sizes. The stream light flashlight scores a pass mark for its portability and handy characteristic. And is a perfect combination for your key chain.

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