Top Photoshop Alternatives for Android Phones

Adobe Photoshop has for long been the most recognized app for photo editing. However, it’s unknown to most that there are several alternatives to photoshop out there.  These alternatives to photoshop have the capability to do more in some area. However,  they are not recognized.

Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop apps for Android phones lets users touch-up, create, add effects and the same as these apps on the Play Store. Some of these app proof better in some areas.

Top Alternatives to Photoshop on Android

In view of this, we suggest that you consider the following apps before making a decision on anyone.


PicsArt has a number of amazing tools just like photoshop. It is a worthy alternative to Photoshop. Some of them aren’t free but most of them are, so you’ll find yourself coming back, again and again, to do this or that to your photos.
One of the most noteworthy thing about Picsart is its automation. It is capable of recognizing and cropping out a person on a picture. The automation also enables the editor to recognized and edit specific parts on a picture.

It also has a beauty tool that is easy to use. Because it has an auto option that serves as an instant fix to your photo.
This alternative to Photoshop also has photoshop features such as text callouts, frames,   drawing tools, borders, stickers, photo blending, and more. As well as Photoshop tasks like clone stamp, warp, and stretch tool, resize by pixels, curve tool, hue/saturation changer, and artistic and paper effects. It’s a true powerhouse of an image editor.
You can upgrade from the PicsArt to PicsArt Gold at the costs $47.99 USD /year (around $4 /month) and three days free.PicsArt gold opens a whole new world of features that free users can access.

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  • Huge collection of tools.
  • Easy to use and includes help.


  • The free version shows ads.
  • More features are only open on PicsArt gold.
  • No editing Cursor.


PhotoDirector is another alternative to photoshop app for Android. It includes all the basic features that allow users to crop, rotate, adjust, transform, mirror, etc.

The PhotoDirector app is also a collage maker with live effects when using the Camera option.
On subscribing, users get free seven days after which a  $2.99 USD /month.


  • Easy to use
  • Inbuilt store to buy features.
  • Offers users tutorials.


  • The items on the store are expensive.
  • Users pay to export quality pictures.
  • Restriction on some tools for free users.
  • No yearly payment plans.


PhotoLayers is certainly one of the best alternatives to Photoshop apps. It is especially known for removing backgrounds. Because the background can be easily deleted by making it transparent.
The app pays attention to details, with a zooming feature that allows users to zoom closely and adjust the brush sizes. The Magic option on the app allows users to tap on a color to remove it.
PhotoLayers is completely free but has ads.

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  • Enables detailed editing.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Unique features.


  • Crowded with ads.
  • Fewer editing features.

Photo Editor

What makes Photo Editor one of the alternatives to photoshop on Android is its resemblance to Photoshop.
Overall, it is easy to use like photoshop. It has a toolbox and handy clone tools that allow a quick copy of pixels to any area of the image.
There are other common editing tools that allow users to increase exposure, brightness, and gamma levels. Similar photoshop effects include red-eye, whiten teeth, draw on the image, straighten pictures.
This alternative to Photoshop alternative allows export in a variety of formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, and PDF.


  • Easy to use.
  • Several unique settings.


  • Includes ads.