Top 5 E-Commerce Website – Big Ecommerce Platform you didnt know

The success of an e-commerce website or stores undoubtedly successful venture. The success is most evident in the life and fortune of major players such as  Jack ma and Jeff Bezos. E-commerce website offers total comfort because they can place and receive global orders from a comfort zone.

top ecommerce websites

Today, these websites now offer sales of products in a variety of categories such as clothes, electronics, footwear, etc. It is also worthy of mention that the reach of these websites has expanded from just city to global sales.

Of course, you can start your e-commerce Website many technologies now available. There is a lot of e-commerce website on the internet but a few stands out on the global scene and worth millions of dollars.

Top 5 e-commerce Websites


Amazon receives worldwide patronage and it is known for its user-friendly interface. Aside from that, it allows several modes of payment with great discounts and offers. Other reasons why this website is highly successful includes fast delivery and wide range collection.

The website is own by arguably the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos.

Walmart e-commerce website

It would be difficult to take out one of the oldest and largest departmental stores in the USA out this list. The ever-evolving Walmart further simplified its service with an online store where customers make purchases. It offers home appliances, toys, electronics, fashion accessories, sports, gifts, crafts, grocery, etc.

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It has a user-friendly interface which makes the whole shopping process easier and fun.


eBay is another world-renowned e-commerce website with a long history in the business. It is a platform for both buyers and seller for any product. eBay allows users to own a store within its platform and advertise by uploading pictures.


Alibaba is one of the top e-commerce website in recent times, it is mainly used by buyers and sellers around the world. The website is owned by Jack ma which is one of the popular faces in the e-commerce industry. The website serves as a window to the industrious nation of China. Although very popular in China, it has a fair amount of trades coming from Africa, Europe, and America.

Recent stats show that there well over two million registered suppliers on Alibaba. The platform is known for competitive rates amongst sellers, fast checkout, secure payment, etc.

Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten is an e-commerce website company in China and launched in 1997. The Rakuten group is involved in businesses including online banking, credit card payment, mobile app(Viper messaging app) and in addition, to online shopping. Another notable partnership involves ad deal with Barcelona FC and Walmart operations in Japan to deliver

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E-commerce Website Conclusion

So these are just a few of the e-commerce websites available on the internet. These websites offer reliability, quality products at great prices.