Top 4 Best Free Email Service You Can Use

Today we are talking on the Best Free Email Service one can use. However, there are tons of free email account out there, but we are picking the best out of all based on users review and Features. Kindly follow up with this article to get the best free email account you can use. Just in case you don’t what free email is all about. Now, What is Free Email Account? This is an Email Service one can use for free without any form of Payment. A good Email Service should have some great features such as Enough Storage Space, the interface must be User-Friendly, Spam, Mobile Phone and Desktop access and much more. In this guide, we will be letting out the best out of the free email service out there and there Features.

Free Email Service

Best Free Email Service

Below is our Top Free Email Service you can use base on user reviews and Features.

  • Gmail Account
  • Yandex
  • Yahoo Mail and
  • Outlook Mail

Gmail Account

This is one of the best if not the best free email platform out there and is owned by Google. Gmail Offer Users Very user-friendly Interface, very easy/simple to the user, Very secure and reliable, with 15GB Storage Space. Gmail also has some amazing features Such as you can Schedule Emails to send later, snooze emails for later, Very Clean and Unique Interface, Request or Send Money Via Google Pay Service.

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Features of Gmail

  • One can Unsend/ Undo Email sent
  • A great Mobile Application for your Android and iOS device
  • You can read Mail with or without Data Connection
  • 15GB Storage Space
  • User can Schedule Email to send later
  • You can set autoresponder while you are away.
  • Users can search using the search bar to find a particular email in your account.
  • A document can be sent via email and much more.


Yandex is a free email service that is owned by a Russian Company. It kind of similar to the Gmail Account. However, Yandex provides users 10 GB storage space, user-friendly interface, Mobile App for all Devices, Filters and much more.

Features of Yandex

  • A mobile-friendly app for all devices both iOS and Android Devices
  • It has a reminder for sent messages
  • You can Download Mails as EML files
  • From Yandex Disk you can easily import files
  • One can easily import images to email by URL and much more.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is good and one of the best free email services is owned by Yahoo and its also a free Email Service. They offer the highest storage space, which is 1 Tb storage space. As a user, you can create more than 400 addresses which can be linked to your main account without any personal details.

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Features of Yahoo Mail

  • There’s a mobile-friendly app for all devices both iOS and Android Devices
  • Great themes to customize your background.
  • Users can import contacts.
  • It has an inbuilt Notepad so your account will stay updated
  • These mail services grant access to an online calendar.

Outlook Mail

Outlook’s official website is and is also an amazing online free email service with a great user interface. Users can decide where a reading panel should display, and the interface is Great and Beautiful.

Features of Outlook

  • It has a mobile-friendly app for all devices both iOS and Android Devices
  • One can Easily Connect to Skype
  • By the events shared, It’s connected to the Outlook calendar.
  • It has Add-ins option such as PayPal, Boomerang, and much more.

Above are our top best free email service based on user’s reviews and Features. However, there is another free email platform one can use.