Top 10 Legal Platform to Download Free Mp3 Music


There are numerous ways of downloading anything on the internet, but not all are legal. You can only download Free Mp3 Music that is allowed by the artist in this legal platforms. However, there is an option of online streaming and at such, you won’t be able to download the songs.

Free Mp3 Music

Top 10 Legal Platform to Download Free Mp3 Music

In this article, we have listed out some popular websites that have a huge collection of free Free Mp3 Music. You can download the songs and enjoy the music of your choice for free.

1. SoundCloud

This free app is available in Android, iOS, and even Windows devices, it gives you varieties of lovely collection/album of songs. There is a big number of third-party websites available in the Windows-based.

In this platform, you can easily listen to Free Mp3 Music and download it without any limit. However, not all the songs of all artists you can download for free, especially some popular artists.

2. NoiseTrade

This is a social network of fans of music, you can get access to thousands of songs from your favorite artist. It also offers fans access to upload their creation to the artists.

By creating free account fans can easily download Free Mp3 Musics from the artist page. NoiseTrade is a platform that connects fans and artists with music.

However, it is normal to get songs from the platform for free but some songs as a little fee attached to it.

3. Amazon MP3

Amazon is the leading online retailing company, has now presented products like games and music. You can buy mp3 songs from the free Amazon websites that are available on all devices.

If you do not wish to pay, you can still get some Free Mp3 Music. It is one of the legal platforms to download music, having over 47,000 free songs for download.

Though you may not get all the current music you need to download but you will get some.

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4. SoundClick Free Mp3 Music

This platform is not as big and popular. Nonetheless, you can get a huge collection of free music available for download.

Thousands of musicians sell their songs on SoundClick, you can still get free music especially from those trying to establish themselves. You can download any music of your choice, and it is possible to pay for a particular song.

5. SoundOwl Free Mp3 Music

Like other platforms, Soundowl also gives access to large collections of songs not just from popular artists but from upcoming artists.


It is a worldwide network that enables artists and bloggers to give access to their works to people all over the world. However, the platform provides full safety to the work of the artists so it won’t be altered.

6. Jamendo

You like to get large collections of indie music and covers that are sung by aspiring musicians, the best place to get it is Jamendo. Jamendo gives you access to many kinds of music for both streaming and download without any fee attached.

You can support and discover the upcoming artist in Jamendo by listening and downloading their songs. Jamendo had more than 600,000 pieces of music as of 2020, this made it one of the biggest music libraries in the world. The platform is available in 6 different languages: we have English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Polish.

7. PureVolume

This is a community for music fans. Musicians upload their songs on the platform after signing in and fans rate the song by voting, downloading and listening to it.

Every artist in PureVolume has a profile with their details, photos, and music attached to it. However, the artist decides to make their music available for free or not. Some artists enabled their music to be streamed online only but won’t be able to download for free, depends on the artist’s choice.

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8. Google Play Store

The Google Play Store offers tons of lovely music for free. Google offers you the biggest library of music on your mobile phone with an ever-growing collection of music for free.

When next you seeking a legal platform to download free music you should always get that at the Google Play store. You can easily download and stream varieties of free music.


This is an internet radio service, it offers you amazing music with the feeling of listening to a local radio station. You can also download free music from the site if you registered for it.

However, not all songs are available for free, but you can still get wonderful songs for a fee.

10. Vimeo Free Mp3 Music

Vimeo is popularly known to be a video streaming website, but you can still download lovely songs from the platform. It has a music store that you can download, sell, and buy songs.

You can also search your favorite songs with a common tag in the advance search to get your music.


With a single click, you can download all the free songs into your device but you need to register to the platform before you will be granted access to download free music.

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