Tinder will soon allow you to gift a Lyft ride to your date

Tinder as you all know is an American online dating app and geosocial networking. This app enables users to swipe to like or dislike other people’s profiles based on their photos, common interest as well as their bio.


And here, once two users are matched, they can now exchange messages on the app.

The app is really easy to use and it is mainly for those searching for a partner to date.

The Tinder App

The App makes it very easy for you to do whatever you want to do on the app just from the comfort of your mobile device.

And guess what? This app is available for download from the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

How do I Use Tinder?

Tinder is very simple to use.

  • All you just have to do is to download the app.
  • Once you download the app, then you create an account with Tinder or log in with your Facebook profile.
  • Now, specify the particular gender and the age range of those you would love to match up with.
  • And also how far you are prepared to see them.
  • Once Tinder finds those people that match your criteria, it then puts cards on your screen that displays a large photo of the person.
  • Click on it to view a short description that they have written together with more photos.
  • Also, below the picture, you will notice a heart icon and across. Click on the heart if you have an interest in them, but if you do not like them, click on the cross.
  • Or better still, swipe to the right if you like them. But if you do not like them swipe to the right.
  • In all, if you like someone on Tinder and the person likes you as well, Tinder will notify you that you have gotten a match and it will open up a simple messaging option for messaging.
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Tinder will soon allow you to gift a Lyft ride to your date

Tinder will soon allow you to gift a Lyft ride to your date. Tinder is collaborating with Lyft to offer users the ability to gift rides to dates without leaving the Tinder app.

It is just a little convenient if you have the Lyft app already downloaded on your phone.

However, just like including video chat in the app, it is less reason to move your focus from your match and to another app.

Although, there is no release date yet for the Lyft integration other than it is slated to be launched in the upcoming months. Tinder has got no visuals yet to share for how it will operate in the app.

Tinder made it clear that the normal safety features of Lyft, just like sharing location with family and friends will be available for gifted rides from the Lyft app.

It also added that Lyft rides could be very much convenient. However, there are some potential scenarios to be worried about.

It is not so clear the exact point you are able to order a ride, or if you and the person you actually paired with have to accept.

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And it will be very upsetting for both the person you matched within Tinder as well as the Lyft driver if you called a ride and they didn’t want it actually.

When asked for some more details, Tinder declined and mentioned that there would be more information in the upcoming months. Well, till then, the built-in trivia feature of Tinder and Zoom dates might just be the way forward.