TikTok will warn you about videos with questionable information


TikTok is a social networking platform and app which enables users to share their short-form videos and also videos of them lip-synching to popular songs on the platform.

Also, on the platform, users can create and post their own videos where they are either dancing, lip-synching, talking, or just singing.


You can as well browse and communicate with the content of other users, which covers a huge range of songs, topics, and styles.

TikTok, which was formerly known as musical.ly is a social media platform for sharing, creating, and also discovering short music videos.

Musical.ly now TikTok was formerly used by the younger ones as a place to express themselves by dancing, lip-syncing, singing, and comedy as well.

You might be wondering why the app is so popular. Yes, the reason is that TikTok draws the attention of so many users in different ways. First, the app is really convenient to use.

Also, it is very simple to edit and post content in TikTok, unlike some other apps.

In all, the app is really loved by practically everyone because it is filled with fun!

TikTok to warn you about videos with questionable information

TikTok to warn you about videos with questionable information. The company will start showing warnings on videos that have questionable information that fact-checkers couldn’t verify.

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And it will start giving users a warning when they go to re-share videos that the information has not been confirmed yet.

The app will now show a warning label on these videos which reads thus:


“Caution: Video flagged for unverified content”.

And this literally means that a fact-checker went through the content but was not able to prove if it was right or wrong. TikTok has been limiting already the spread of some videos that are not yet verified.

However, they were not flagged publicly before now.

Creators will now receive a message when a warning label is included in their video. Also, the distribution of those videos will all be reduced.

Viewers will be warned as well when they re-share a video that is carrying a warning label on it.

Once you click on the share button which enables you to post a video outside of the app. You will notice a pop-up on your screen asking you if you are really sure you want to share the video.

You can share the video if you wish to. However, it seems like the prompt is created in such a way that it discourages people from playing along.

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Tik Tok didn’t mention how many video it looks at for fact-checking

Though, TikTok didn’t mention the number of videos that it looks at every day for fact-checking. Or even how it selects which videos to review. A spokesperson mentioned that fact-checking is often enthralled on topics like vaccines, elections.

As well as climate change that a video does not have to get to a specific recognition to qualify for review. Videos that do not go against the misinformation policy of TikTok will be withdrawn outright.

Other social media apps have as well tried out a similar warning for the past year. In an attempt to reduce the spread of misinformation.


Facebook also warns that before you retweet any potential information, and on a funnier note. Will also advise that you open and thoroughly read through a news story before you proceed to repost it.