TikTok is pulling Facebook and including in-app shopping.

TikTok is pulling Facebook and including in-app shopping. TikTok’s next step to compete with Facebook might be to include an in-app shopping feature. This report was according to the latest report from Bloomberg.


The publication said that TikTok is trying out in-app sales in Europe by partnering with different brands. Not excluding UK-based streetwear company Hype.

Tiktok made some moves (shopping) in the past like:

  • Partnering with Shopify
  • Providing creators with the ability to sell merchandise via integration with Teespring. And TikTok is said to be working on some live-video infomercial product.

The latest prototype sounds more like how shopping is been desegregated on Instagram. Plus a different shopping tab below a brand’s account that lists its products. Alongside images and their prices, Bloomberg writes in a statement.

Currently, the hype account page displays what looks like a shopping section. And the company also confirmed to Bloomberg that it was taking part in the test.

TikTok and Shopping Seem Close

TikTok and Shopping seem like they could have real peanut butter and jelly type of relationship. The small length and “stickiness” of TikTok videos seem excellently suited for advertising.

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Whereas the passive watching that TikTok motivates makes it very easy to take in so much content. Till now, this shopping prototype does not sound quite as video-centered. As whatever commercial feature TikTok was trying to consider before.

However, I won’t so shocked to see links to the supposed shopping tab messed up. Throughout the videos of a brand or creator at some point later.

Also, it is more or less exactly what Facebook is trying to do with Instagram, Reels, its TikTok competitor. As well as the normal Facebook app. TikTok went on a little bit different type of shopping spree in 2020.

And included some functionality just like product information in Reels. And the shopping tab that was initially mentioned, the company didn’t just stop there.

Facebook is Trying Out Sticker Ads in Stories

Facebook is as well trying out sticker ads in Stories.

Anywhere you see the company with shopping. This kind of test seems to display that the widely distributed video app is fully prepared. Prepared to take full advantage of its status as a household name and grow.

It doesn’t matter if it is just shopping or distributing the company’s features across other apps.

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Well, as time goes on, we will get to know more about the feature the company is working on.