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Tik Tok: Biden’s Staff to Remove Tik Tok from their Personal and Work Phones


Tik Tok is a Chinese short-form video-sharing app that is owned by a Beijing based internet technology company. It was founded by Zhang Yiming, in the year 2012. The app is used to make lip-sync, comedy, short dance, and talent videos. The app also enables its users to shoot/create, edit and also share 15 seconds videos lightened up with special music, filters, animations, amazing effects, and many more!.

Tik Tok

While accessing the app, users can follow other people, like their videos, and also comment on it and share them. Tik Tok is available on Android phones and iOS devices. To cut the long story short, Tik Tok is simply everything you need to make social media fun.

Biden’s Staff to Remove Tik Tok from their Personal and Work Phones

A Campaign official said to The Verge: “Staffers from Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential campaign must remove TikTok from personal and work phones. This is because of the security checks across the well-known app. Tik Tok can go through users’ clipboard content on iOS which is really a big problem for anyone making use of a password manager to log into fixed accounts.

Though, a few politicians are really careful and cautious of the video-sharing app (Tik Tok). The reason is that the short-form video app is owned by Bytedance (Chinese internet company).


Bloomberg’s Comment

Following what Bloomberg said: the decision that the Biden campaign made isn’t different from the rest of the U.S.
government agencies. Some U.SDepartment have already stopped Tik Tok on government-issued devices. These departments include the U.S. state department, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Army, and also the U.S. Navy.

The Verge’s Comment

Aside from this, the Republican and Democratic national committees have also warned against making use of the app (according to The Verge).

Aside from the U.S. government, Wells Fargo has also stopped employees from making use of the short-form video-sharing app (TikTok) from their mobile devices. Indian as well removed Tik Tok and some other China apps on the 29th of July. WeChat is not excluding.

On the 10th of July, Amazon forwarded a mail to its workers. In the email he sent, he told them to delete the tik tok app from their mobile devices. However, the company later mentioned that the email was sent by mistake.

Mike Pompeo’s Statement Concerning the Ban

On the 6th of July, Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State mentioned that the Administration of Donald Trump was really inspecting the ban of the Chinese App. Also, on the 15th of July, Mark Meadows (the current chief of staff of President Donald Trump) mentioned that the restrictions placed on the short-form video-sharing app might come in weeks and not in months, following what The Verge said.

Tik Tok responded to these Allegations

Furthermore, the Beijing-based technology company (Bytedance) is the owner of the short-form video sharing application. Despite all the warnings and ban that was placed on Tik Tok, it isn’t still clear that the video-sharing app isn’t snooping data and sharing it with other third parties.


However, the company made it clear that it has never shared user data with the Chinese government and will never share it with them, even when they ask of it.