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Tik Tok App to Stop Reading users Clipboard


Tik Tok app to stop reading users clipboard: Popular lip sync Tik Tok app is said to be responsible for reading users clipboards. However Apple is really against and his concerned about users privacy. He exposed Tik Tok by releasing a new privacy feature in the Apple iOS 14 that gives users more control concerning the particular data that each of the app has access to.

Tik tok

One of the features include a “new banner alert” which will enable users to know if any app is pasting from clipboard. Meanwhile, this feature has already started exposing the behavior of so many popular apps including the well known Tik Tok.

Apple’s Banner Alert

The “new banner alert” is a result of an investigation made in February by “Tommy Mysk”, German software engineer. He found out that any “cut and paste” data which was stored temporarily to either an iPad’s memory or an iPhone.

Can easily be accessed by all the apps that was installed on that device. Not excluding the malicious ones.

The iOS new banner alert comes up on the top of your screen device anytime a paste operation occurs. As soon as the alert feature was released by Apple, so many Tik Tok users started testifying that indeed Tik Tok has been reading their clipboards.

Even when officials already told the U.K. publication, “The Telegraph” in March that they would end such practice.

Although, so many other news outlets as well as users has reported that Tik Tok is still reading their clipboard. Because each time the app is running, the privacy banner keeps popping up on their screen.

Tik Tok’s response

Tik Tok responded to The Telegraph and told that the app is not consuming any data from the clipboard. Rather, it is only triggering iOS’s privacy banner via a custom system. Which will identify continuous spam activities. The company also mentioned that it would correct the problem.


However, following Telegraph’s report, there are still many other apps that check iOS clipboard. They include: Overstock, Patreon, Ali Express, AccuWeather, Call of Duty Mobile, and also Google News.

Though, we can not tell the reason why so many apps read what users copied from other apps. However, Tik Tok’s response really proved Apple right for having to implement more privacy tools.

Apple’s exposure has now made so many people aware of who is copying their personal data without granting any permission from them. And this made so many Tik Tok users to applaud Apple for a great job well done.

Tik Tok users responses to Tik Tok reading people’s clipboard.

Pediatric Gastroenterology, Bryan Vartabedian mentioned in a tweet which related to Tik Tok’s Snooping practices. He said: “Nothing short of frightening how apps will scrape what’s yours”.

Tik Tok user, actor, and podcast host, “@MaxelAmador” wrote:. “Hey @tiktok_us, why do you paste from my clipboard every time I type a LETTER in your comment box?”. “Shout out to iOS 14 for shinning a light on this HUGE invasion of privacy”.

When Mysk realised that what he believed was an iOS clipboard. He went ahead and created a rogue proof-of-concept (PoC) app also known as “KlipboardSpy” as well as an iOS widget known as “KlipSpyWidget”. This will show you how any app that was installed on an iOS device can cause harm and have access to clipboard data. And also make use of it to steal or spy relevant and personal informations.

He went further to illustrate his points by showing how any photos taken by the camera of a device. Which contain time and GPS metadata that can used in pinpointing the location of a user.


The developer wrote in a technical blog post. He wrote: “A user may unwittingly expose their precise location to apps. By simply copying a photo taken by the built-in Camera app to the general pasteboard”.