Theme of Shiloh 2021

Theme of Shiloh 2021 – Shiloh 2020/2021 turning Point


Theme of Shiloh 2021. Shiloh is an annual event that is being organized by the Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as the Winners Chapel. Following what Bishop David Oyedepo said, this Shiloh event was being instructed by God to him. Bishop David Oyedepo (the President of the Commission).

Bishop David Oyedepo commended the book of Joshua chapter 18 verse 1 as well as the book of 1st Samuel 1:3 as the anchor scripture for the occasion.

Theme of Shiloh 2021

The first edition of Shiloh was taken place in the year 1999 and was themed “Encounter with Destiny”. While the event of 2020 was themed “Turning point” which started on the 8th of December, 2020 which was on a Tuesday and ended on the 13th of December, 2020 on a Sunday.

But before then, Bishop David Oyedepo mentioned that the Shiloh 2020 will mark a new beginning for the turning point of every member of the winners’ family. He also said that the Shiloh 2020 will feature a lot of great preachers among which are:

  • Bishop David Oyedepo
  • Ps. David Oyedepo (Junior).
  • Pastor Paul Enenche
  • Pastor Faith Oyedepo and many other great men of God.

The theme of Shiloh 2021

With this event, a whole lot of people out there are currently waiting on the encounter with God, which is the Shiloh. Shiloh is actually meant for each of the families of winners to encounter Almighty God in a different way.

And this annual convention is set to begin and you shouldn’t miss this if you have missed every other one. Come encounter God in a different way. Anyway, keep reading to know more.

History of the SHILOH Prophetic themes from 1999 till 2018

Below are the histories of the SHILOH Prophetic themes:

1999 – Encounter with destiny
2000 – Heaven on Earth
2001 – From glory to glory
2002 – What wisdom is this!
2003 – All things are possible
2004 – Showers blessings
2005 – Possessing your possessions
2006 – Destined to win
2007 – More than conquerors
2008 – Manifestation of The sons of God
2009 – Hour of restoration
2010 – Breakthroughs unlimited
2011 – Waves of glory
2012 – Double Portion
2013 – Exceeding grace
2014 – Heaven on earth
2015 – From glory to glory
2016 – My case is different
2018 – My New Dawn

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Shiloh 2021 Date

Now that you have known so much about the Shiloh, it is really important you know the date of the mighty event to get ready for an encounter with God. Well, the Shiloh 2020 date was fixed as 8th of December, 2020 – 13th of December, 2020, but we really cannot tell when the date of the Shiloh 2020 will be out.

When you finally get to know the date of the Shiloh 2021, you should get yourself prepared to experience a total turnaround and encounter with God. You should also be set to be ushered into this year with life-changing miracles, salvation, blessings, and many more from Almighty God.

As you await the next Shiloh 2021, all you just have to do is to get on with the expectations, make wise use of every work from this service, believe, and it is yours!

Shiloh 2020 Turning Point

The theme for the 2020 Shiloh of last year was tagged “Turning Point”. As at then, there is no doubt that everyone, millions of people were prepared to experience a total turn around in their lives.

Shiloh 2020 / 2021 Winners Chapel

Bishop David Oyedepo makes it very easy for congregations of Winners Chapel and every other person attending the Shiloh event by informing them earlier before them. And this is definitely a great way of getting them fully prepared so that they do not miss out. Well, no one rushes to the battleground unprepared.

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And with the insight that Bishop David Oyedepo has outlined, everyone should be able to get his or her self prepared for the life-changing annual event which is yearly attended by millions of people all over the world.

How do you engage in the Shiloh

well, it is very simple! all you just need to do is to visit the Living Faith church headquarters in Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland, in Lagos, Nigeria. If you can’t make it to the headquarters, you can as well choose to attend other branches of Living Faith Church that are close to you.

But who wouldn’t want to make it to the headquarters in Canaan land? Smiles.

The Theme of Shiloh by Bobbie Ann Mason

the theme of Shiloh by Bobbie Ann Mason explores a fascinating theme. The definite equidistant between the surface level of what the occasions of the story are. and also, the meaning underneath. This parallel is viewed throughout the story, from the beginning when Leroy Moffitt is creating craft kits for at first just to pass time.

Where to Watch Shiloh Live

Below are where you can watch Shiloh Live:

Faith Tabernacle, Ota

You can watch the Shiloh event live at the Living Faith Church, Headquarters, Faith Tabernacle, Canaanland. However, if you are not so sure how you can easily locate the Faith Tabernacle, kindly visit a Winners’ Chapel branch that is nearest to you and seek a guide.

Shiloh Viewing Centres / Winners’ Chapel branches

You can as well watch the Shiloh 2020 event live at any of the select Shiloh viewing centres in Nigeria and are viewing centers in all Winners’ Chapel branches.


You can as well watch the Shiloh event Live online and through Satelite TV