Tesla's Boombox feature

Tesla’s Boombox feature will allow car owners play multiple sounds


Tesla’s Boombox feature will allow car owners play multiple sounds rather than honking. The latest holiday update of Tesla will eventually give people the ability to make use of a new boombox mode, which can transmit custom audio on the outside of the car.

As its normal with Tesla’s latest features. Tesla’s Boombox features collaborates real utility with lowbrow humor; car owners can make use of fart as well as goat sounds in place of normal, monotonous honking sounds car horns usually make.

Tesla's Boombox feature

The mode launched with some other updates as parts of firmware 2020.48.26 update of Tesla, an d this is something that the fans of Teslahave eagerly waited for.

While the owners of Tesla have been able to produce fart sounds in the car for a period of time, the Boombox mode productively enables people with more current models to make use of the built-in speaker that fires audio to poor unsuspiciouspeople out of the car.

Teslarati’s comment on the Tesla’s Boombox feature

Tesla cars produced after 1st of September, 2019 have the speaker built-in. The speakers were included because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration needed electric cars that were silent to release some noise to notify pedestrians, following what Teslarati said. Below is an elucidation of what Boombox mode does, all thanks to Teslarati:

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“Turn your car into a boombox and entertain a crowd with your media player when parked. You can also customize the sound your car makes when you press the horn, drive the car or when your car is moving with Summon. Select an option from the dropdown menu or insert your own USB device and save up to five custom sounds”.

Farting is not just set aside for honking. An upgrade to the “Emissions Testing Mode” of Tesla, which is code for fart series, simply means that cars can now fart anytime, and those outside will not be able to run away from the sounds. Teslarati further added:

“Emissions Testing Mode can be used outside the car. To setup, select your desired sound and place the cushion on the external speaker. When ready, play selected sound by pressing the left scroll wheel button or using the turn signal. To access, tap the Application Launcher > Toybox > Emissions Testing Mode.

What is the feature capable of doing?

Together with the ability to fart, people can as well make use of Tesla’s Boombox feature to trouble neighbours in so many ways. Lets take for instance, now a Tesla can release the same sound as an ice cream truck. So if anyone really want to play a wicked prank on kids this period.

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Such person can equally drive around the compound playing an ice cream song that kids are familiar with. Which will make them think ice cream cones and popsickles are around.

To be able to send up to five tracks also means that people can drive their vehicles (Tesla) around. With whichever audio they desire. When someone asked Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla if they could actually drive their car to Ludacris’ classic ’00s hit, “Movie Bitch”. Elon Musk replied with “You can upload custom music/sounds”.

There are so many inclusions that came with the holiday update of this year. Owners of Cars have now gained access to 3 new games. Of which they can easily play while they are parked. These 3 games include:

  • Solitaire
  • Cat Quest and,
  • The Battle of Polytopia.

Scheduled departure upgrades and supercharge display improvements are also added in the firmware update.