Telegram Movies: How to Download TV Series and Latest Movies on Telegram

Thanks to Telegram, you can now download our favorite series and movies in a few simple steps. You probably wondering how, Let’s get to it!

Telegram movie and tv series download

The only prerequisite needed for you to follow the step by step guide on this article is the Telegram app

Telegram Movies Download: Step by Step Guide to Download movies on Telegram Channel

Follow the instruction below to learn how to download the latest movies, tv-series and much more on telegram.

Telegram is getting popular as the day passes, and there are a lot of things you can do with the app which most people don’t know. The App can be downloaded on Google Play and App Store for ios.

  1. Click on the search icon on the Telegram app and search for “Netflix Series Bot”

TV series Bot step 1

2. Click on the bt and you should see the image below. But yours should have a start message below, Mine is restart because I have used this bot before.

TV series Bot step 2

3. After clicking n the start button, you should see an image like the one below. asking you to choose between movies, series, and some other options available to you.

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TV series Bot step 3

4. In this article we will be using the series. So after selecting that, you should see something that looks like the image below.

TV series Bot step 4

5. Just like you read in the image, the movies are sorted alphabetically. so you have to know the first letter of the series or the movie you want to download. fr instance, let’s say we want to download Money Heist, The First Letter is M. so, we select M.

TV series Bot step 6

6. Voila! ???? Now we select that, and we should see something that looks like the image below.

TV series Bot step 7

7. Now we have to select the season we want. in this article, I’ll be using season 4.

Now all you have to do is download the episodes, get your popcorn and enjoy. I hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful.