Telegram App Download, Invention and Telegram Account Delete


Telegram may be among the most popular messaging app in the universe, however, there are still some people who do not know about the app and how it work. and that is the more reason why I am writing this article.


What is a telegram?

Well, Telegram is an online multi-platform messaging service that was founded by Pavel Durov, a Russian entrepreneur. It is more like well-known messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

This literally means that you can make use of the app to send messages to your friends when you are connected to either your Mobile Data or your Wi-Fi.

Telegram is cloud-based and the company says that it formulates speed and security, which makes it a very great alternative to other well-known messaging apps. Well, the online messaging app came into existence on the 20th of October, 2013 and it has over 200 million monthly users.

Advantages of the Online Messaging app

Below are some of the usefulness of Telegram:

Self-destruct timers

If you do not want all the messages in your secret chats to stay there forever, then you do not have to worry about that because Telegram enables you to set self-destruct timers to eliminate them completely. After you receive a message, the message stays in the chat for a fixed or agreed period of time.

Simply means that you can select times between a second and a week before it finally disappears.

Secret chats

Secret chats as the name implies are where you can engage in end-to-end encrypted (safe) messaging with a contact. However, that is not the only advantage of the secret chats. Also, secret chat does not let anyone forward messages from there or even take screenshots.

Though it is true and possible that a person can take a picture of the screen using another device, however, that is still dejected and it is being supported by “self-destruct timers” which is another feature above.

Global message deletion

Some months back, telegram enables users to delete or wipe out the messages that are being sent by other users of Telegram. It is somehow an inharmonious feature.

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Large file size limit

If you want to send big files, Telegram has got a lot of competition beat together with support for close to 1.5GB files. Whereas the limit of Whatsapp is 100MB, Skype’s limit is 100MB and WeChat also is 100MB.


Telegram has some customization options which are not present in many of its rival. the customization feature enables you to select the dominant app color, how Telegram opens the link if the UI displays animation or not and so many more.

Aside from that, the app has also got the integration of a chatbot where you can use and also create chatbots to upgrade the experience.


Disadvantages of the Online Messaging app

Even with all the goodies that messaging app offer, the online messaging app has also got some disadvantages which include:

  • You can make a video call on Telegram messenger and you cannot make a group video call too. unlike other messaging platforms like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.
  • Telegram notifies your contacts anytime you sign up for the app and that is not really right. especially for those who want to just maintain low-profile making use of the app.
  • The app can allow users to appear offline, however, its offline status functionality comes with so many problems.
  • The messaging app does not have a story feature which extremely makes the app so boring except you are just a fan of chat and typing all day long. Unlike other messaging platforms, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, which enables you to post pictures and short videos on your stories.

How to download Telegram App

Downloading this app is very simple, here is just what you need to do:

  • To download the app, go to the Google Play Store.
  • In the search bar, type in “Telegram” and search.
  • When it loads, click on “Install” to start downloading the app to your device.

Note: For iPhone users, you will have to make use of the Apple app store

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Telegram Account Delete – How to delete your account from the app.

After a long or short period of making use of the Telegram app, you might want to delete it. here is how to delete your account from the app:

  • To delete your telegram account, go to any web browser of your choice and type in ““.
    on the next page displayed to you, sign in making use of your Telegram credentials.
  • Next is to click on “Delete Account”.
  • Also, you will find a text box there, now enter your reasons for leaving.
  • Now click on the “Delete My Account” button once you are done.
  • Lastly, choose the “Yes, Delete My Account” option in the cause and you are good tio go.

Telegram Invention

the telegram messaging app was invented by two brothers, Nikolai and Pavel Durov, on the 20th of October, 2013, who formerly founded VK, the Russian social network. However, had to move out of the company just after it was inherited by Group.

Forth Worth Star Telegram

The Forth Worth Star-Telegram is an American daily newspaper which is serving Forth worth. As well as Tarrant Country, the western half of the North Texas area called the Metroplex. The Forth Worth Star Telegram is owned by The McClatchy Company.

Telegram for Desktop

Apart from downloading this app on your mobile devices. Do you know that this app can as well be downloaded on your desktop, pc? Follow the steps below to download the online messaging for your pc.


To download the online messaging app to your desktop:

  • Kindly visit any web browser and type in ““. It will direct you to a page. Where you will have to download the online messaging app on your desktop.
  • On the page, just scroll down to where you have “Get Telegram for Windows” and follow the rest onscreen instructions.