How to install wordpress on xampp and Wamp

The objective of this article is to show web designers how to install wordpress on XAMPP. So in this article, you will be enlighten more about XAMPP. This article will guide web designers how to design and test their wordpress themes. We already know what wordpress is all about but if the word is new […]

Turn Off Related YouTube Videos In WordPress

Sometimes you might want to embed a YouTube video to emphasize on your WordPress post. These videos which might come with some related videos. Chances are that you don’t want to be sending users to related videos after viewing the embedded one. You want your reader’s attention focusing on your content. Besides, what was the […]

Top Related plugins for WordPress. A must have for bloggers

What are the Top Related plugins for WordPress This article will show you some of the best Related plugins for WordPress. Are you having difficulties in your post or your users leaves the site after reading the first post? These Related plugins enable online entrepreneurs, webmaster and bloggers to read more of your posts. With […]