How to use Remote Desktop to Connect to a Windows 10 PC

Do you know that a remote desktop is a separate feature seen as a program. This feature are found in most operating systems. It allow users to access an operating computer system’s desktop. The access occurs via the Internet or through another network in another geographical location. It also allows users to interact with that […]

Top 5 Best Windows Photo Viewer Alternatives for Windows 10

Since Microsoft replaced the old Windows Photo Viewer with a new app called Photos. Many users don’t like the new app because It’s complicated. It also takes a lot of time to load images. Windows Photo Viewer is a built-in app for viewing photos in Windows. Windows Photo Viewer supports almost all formats of images. Microsoft has […]

Windows 10 Dark theme – How to Enable Windows 10 Dark Theme

Are you finding it difficult to enable your Windows 10 dark Theme? Like we all know that with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft gave their windows OS a complete rebuild. The Windows 10 Operating System comes with a new modern looking design, user-interface improvements to make things more easier for users. Although, Dark theme […]

Facebook App – How to Download Facebook App for PC

Facebook App! Are you having issues Downloading Facebook App on your PC? If yes this is a golden opportunity for you because on this article you will be given a simple guide on how to download the app on your PC. As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular social media with over […]

Rufus USB Bootable maker for Windows 10: Download Latest Rufus for Windows 10, 8, xp, Linux and beyond

Rufus is a free and open-source portable application for Microsoft Windows. It is used for formatting and creating bootable USB flash drives or Live USBs. The application is developed by Pete Batard of Akeo Consulting. Rufus was originally designed as a modern open source replacement for the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Windows. It is a utility that helps to format and create bootable USB flash […]

How to Back up Photos and Text Messages in Windows 10 Mobile

Windows Phone is a proprietary mobile device with an operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft. Windows Phone introduced a new design language, previously called Metro UI, but later renamed to simply Modern. Microsoft licenses the software to third-party hardware manufacturers but keeps a stringent list of minimum requirements for the hardware it runs on to […]

Windows 10 Startup Programs: Folder Location, Add and Remove

Windows 10 Startup Programs: Do you know that loading all your apps with Windows startup makes them quicker to load when you want to use them? However, this may slow down Windows itself loading. While a Windows PC will build up a collection of applications that automatically start when you first turn on the PC. Some […]

Windows 10 Update: How to disable windows 10 auto update

Windows 10 auto update can be easily disabled. This article will guide you on how to disable windows update. There are images and Videos to guide you. You are here because you’re having difficulties turning off windows update or later version from updating automatically. Being on a low budget is normal. Windows 10 is an operating […]