Twitter and JPMorgan to Remove “Master”, “Slave”, and “Blacklist” from their code

Twitter wants to remove “master”, “slave”, and “blacklist” from its programming code. And also “man-hours”, “grandfathered”, and “sanity check”. Just after two of the engineers opted to use more inclusive programming language. Not only Twitter, JPMorgan, (America’s biggest bank) is also taking the same step as Twitter. “Master” and “slave” is a process in the […]

How to Get Verified on Twitter without being Famous

Twitter is a free online social media service that enables users to interact. The means of interaction between users is by message tweeting. This service enables users to discover interesting people and companies online. Getting your account verified with the twitter icon doesn’t mean the users can tweet a message that exceeds 140 characters to […]

Twitter Dark Mode Feature and How you can enable it

The long-awaited dark mode for twitter is finally out. But before we dive into that, what is twitter all about? Twitter is a social networking site that enables people to communicate or interact in short messages known as “tweets”. And tweets are short messages that you post to those following you on twitter with the […]