Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram – What You Need to Know

Signal vs Whatsapp vs Telegram – What You Need to Know: Telegram is an online messaging app where you get to interact with your friends, family, and business partners too. one thing you should know about Telegram is that it is a cloud-based messaging app and it was released in the year 2013. Not only […]

Telegram App Download, Invention and Telegram Account Delete

Telegram may be among the most popular messaging app in the universe, however, there are still some people who do not know about the app and how it work. and that is the more reason why I am writing this article. What is a telegram? Well, Telegram is an online multi-platform messaging service that was […]

How To Create Chat Group In The Telegram App

The telegram app is one of the most popular chat apps available. It allows users to chat over the internet as well as send media and documents to one another. It is a close competition to Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. WhatsApp Web: Everything You Need To Know All you need is an internet-enabled phone. A […]