PayPal launches a GoFundMe competitor with limits

PayPal is an American company that is running an international online payments system. That allows for online money transfers and also serves as an electronic substitute to traditional paper methods. Just like money orders and checks. The company is trusted by millions of people as they feel free to buy, sell, and even transfer money. […]

PayPal cut ties with Epik domain registrar over digital currency

PayPal cut ties with Epik, domain registrar over digital currency. PayPal has removed the account of Epik, domain registrar as well as web-hosting company for going against its “risk controls”. Pushing blog posts as well as angry letters from Epik claiming conservative bias was to be accused. This was a report from Mashable. Well, Seattle-based […]

Paypal Stock Price: Reason why PayPal Stock keeps Rising

Business is growing for PayPal and also PayPal stocks has become a worthy investment. The mobile payments market bring a new wave of how people manage money. PayPal has grown since its transition to a digital payment space. It is unsure that they foresaw the digital transformation of the financial sector. This transformation is evident in the rise […]