Microsoft to include xCloud to iOS through the web

Microsoft to include xCloud to iOS through the web. Microsoft is trying out a “direct browser-based solution” in order to bring xCloud to iOS early 2021, which is next year. Sources that are familiar with the plans the company made mentioned to The Verge that the company has sure been creating a web version of […]

Microsoft had a secret Windows XP theme that made it look like a Mac

Microsoft had a secret Windows XP theme which looked like a Mac. Microsoft developed a secret Windows XP theme which made the operating system look like a Mac. A current leak of Windows XP source code has unveiled the early work on the operating system. As well as some themes that the company created in […]

Microsoft will have over 150 xCloud games as soon as its released tomorrow

Microsoft is a leading global technology company with its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. The company develops, manufacture, authorizes, helps, and sells consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software, and other related services. And now, the company is set to have more than 150 xCloud games via its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription service later tomorrow. Keep […]

Onedrive Login and Sign up | How to Open a Microsoft Onedrive Account

From the ITU’s list of next-generation of Information technology, Cloud computing has been one of the most prospective. Microsoft Onedrive is a virtual memory space and computing service. Microsoft among other companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, and other IT powerhouses have cloud service. The Microsoft OneDrive offers similar services as the google drive and dropbox […]