Microsoft to include xCloud to iOS through the web

Microsoft to include xCloud to iOS through the web. Microsoft is trying out a “direct browser-based solution” in order to bring xCloud to iOS early 2021, which is next year. Sources that are familiar with the plans the company made mentioned to The Verge that the company has sure been creating a web version of […]

Microsoft latest Xbox app will allow you stream Xbox One games to your iPhone

Microsoft is planning on releasing a big Xbox app update for iOS which will enable users to stream Xbox One games to an iPhone. The company will soon launch a new Xbox app in the App Store which will include a remote play feature. The function of the remote play feature is that it allows […]

Microsoft humilates the Olive branch of Apple to cloud gaming: “a bad experience for customers”sgfgbb

Microsoft humiliates the Olive branch of Apple to cloud gaming: “a bad experience for customers”. Apple made new rules for its App Store. Thereby allowing game streaming services just like xCloud or Stadia to exist on iOS or iPadOS with a great catch. Apple needs Microsoft to personally drop their games as different apps, making […]

Microsoft – Microsoft’s operations will be zero waste by 2030

Microsoft is making plans to stop promoting trash from its operations by 2030, the company said today. Microsoft has also promised to end the use of single-use plastics in its packaging by 2025. As part of its zero-waste aim. Microsoft will introduce Circular Centers that will enable the company to recycle or reuse 90 percent […]

Microsoft upgrades its Android Launcher with dark mode, custom icons and daily wallpapers

Microsoft has now upgraded its Launcher app for Android to its version 6, thereby boosting the software with a great visual overhaul as well as an upgraded performance even with its recent functionalities. The Android version 6 of its Launcher app possesses an improved dark mode, app icon, as well as a daily wallpaper feature […]

Top 5 Best Android Launchers for Android Devices

This article is about the Top 5 Best Android Launchers that is available for Android Devices.  Although Google Now Launcher is one of the most popularly used Android launchers apps. Google Now launcher is a default launcher and it comes with almost all smartphone. Since there are many other alternatives available you can simply choose the […]