How to Logout of Facebook App and Messenger

We know that it can sometimes be tricky to log out of Facebook. Also embarrassing to ask how to logout of Facebook from someone. That’s why on this post we would love to take you through various logout steps on various facebook platforms. How to Logout of Facebook Website. Follow these steps to logout of […]

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode for Android and iPhone – Howto Activate Dark Mode

Recently, Facebook added some new features to its Messenger app. One of these features is how to Activate Dark Mode in Facebook Messenger. Do you know that you can now activate dark mode in Facebook Messenger? Are you wondering if it’s possible? Yes, it is very possible, all you have to do is to ensure […]

Facebook Messenger: An all in one Messenger Application

The Facebook messenger is an official chat app for Facebook. It is a separate app from the Facebook mobile app. It was launched August 2011 after the acquisition of a group messaging app called Beluga. The messenger operates independently of the Facebook app thus you do not need to open the Facebook app before using the instant […]

Facebook – How to Block Someone on Facebook and Messenger App

Block Someone on Facebook is easy. Have you ever run into a bothersome Facebook User or You just don’t want to communicate with a Facebook User? If yes then this is a golden opportunity for you because you can actually block the person. As we all Know blocking someone is an effective way to protect […]

Facebook Messenger: How to delete a sent Message in Facebook Messenger

Before we commence with this article lets discuss what a Facebook Messenger is. Facebook Messenger is a messaging app and platform. This app was developed as Facebook Chat in 2008 but later the company revamped its messaging service in 2010. Facebook Messenger later released the standalone iOS and Android apps in August 2011. Facebook Messenger Users can send messages and exchange […]

Whatsapp Web and Whatsapp Messenger – How to Download Whatsapp

Whatsapp messenger is a cross-platform and free ware instant messaging application for internet enabled devices especially smart phones, PCs. Although some other cell phones like Java and Symbian phones can be used to access the app. Whatsapp messenger This application gets better each day in its services in a bid to satisfy its users. Whatsapp […]