iPhone Airdrop – How to instantly share files using Airdrop on iPhone

Wi-Fi transfer is gradually seeing off the need for Bluetooth with wi-fi technologies such as Xender and share it. But non-supersedes the iPhone airdrop. Wi-Fi to transfer using iPhone AirDrop is fast, efficient, and reliable. The iPhone airdrop does not experience the connection lapses that is usually experienced on android apps. It works for iPhone […]

Conference Call on iPhone – How to set it up easily on iPhone

For all the sophistication of the iPhone, User still finds it hard to make a conference call on iPhone. iPhones can merge several people on a call. Conference call on iPhone is especially useful in making pre-event meetings, branch office meetings and other group functions including family meetings. Setting up a conference call on your iPhone might […]

Download a Youtube Video | Learn How

Do you know you can download all your favorite Youtube Video on your smartphones, Windows and Mac computers? Let’s discuss what Youtube is before giving the guide on how to download YouTube videos. YouTube is an American video-sharing website where users can watch and upload tons of videos. Youtube is a video sharing service that […]

iPhone not Charging | What to do if your iPhone is not Charging

If your iPhone is not charging, there are simple steps that can be tried before changing the port entirely. Sometimes battery won’t charge or takes time to charge. Learn what to do. Firstly, for an expensive piece such as the iPhone, extreme handing care should be taken.  Make sure to safeguard your accessories properly and […]

Apple Warranty Checker: How to Check Apple Warranty for iPhone

Like other devices, apple warranty for iPhone is a one expenses free repair or replacement clause for manufacturing or hardware defects. Applecare under the apple organization policy allows extension of apple warranty for iPhone and other devices.  Here’s how. How to check Apple warranty for iPhone The first step to check apple warranty for iPhone is to check for […]

Apple Repair: How to Check iPhone Repair Status Online

Apple repair is Apple. Inc support program where users can submit  Apple product for repair. As a company that keeps its products close, Apple is interested in taking charge of its products even after sales. You can submit your phone for Apple repair in the Apple service center and check the status of your device remotely. Apple has always […]

How to Turn off Find my iPhone

Before as selling your iPhone or giving it away. It is recommended that you Turn off Find my iPhone and erasing your iPhone for security reasons. However, before erasing an iPhone, you need to turn off find my iPhone. How to Turn off Find my iPhone on phone Go to Settings Tap iCloud Then go to Find […]

How to Download Facebook Videos on Android and iPhone

Do you know that you can now download Facebook Videos on your iPhone and Android? There are some videos that we see on Facebook and we want to download it but we cant. Let’s discuss Facebook before we enlighten you on how to download Facebook Videos. Facebook is an American Online social media and social networking service […]

How to control your PC or Mac using iPhone or Android Phone

Follow us on this article if you want to control your PC or Mac using your iPhone or Android smartphone. Like we all know there are some places you can take your phone to but can’t take your PC with you. Do you also know that you can access any file or document from it? Note that you can […]