Stolen iPhone – Vital Actions to take immediately

Before getting angry or sad, here are the top actions to take in case of a stolen iPhone. In recent time the iPhone is built to hold much info than a normal phone. Apple application can link your iPhones to valuable data such as your credit card detail, vital company info and much more. Vital […]

How to Restore iCloud Backup on iOS Device

It is actually easy to restore iCloud backup. I guess if you don’t know then just don’t know, it is that simple. But guess What we are about to make you know how to in just a while. How to Restore an iCloud backup on a New or Reseted iPhone or iPad To restore cloud […]

iCloud Backup | How to Backup iPhone Using iTunes on a Computer

iCloud backup storage is the Apple Inc cloud computing service. It was launched on October 12, 2011. As of February 2016, the service was recorded to have emerged over 800 million users. The storage service is included on every iPhone from the iOS 5 till now.  iCloud backup automatically stores up data on your iPhone […]

Best Free and Paid iPhone Games to Look out for in 2019

Recent phones have surely lifted the experience of iPhone games to another level. iPhone games lover can now enjoy an end to end display. There are an endless amount of iPhone games available. However, save you the stress of searching from a large pool of iPhones on the Appstore. Best iPhone games in 2019 Feel […]

iPhone Folders – How to create folders and group apps on iPhone

To create folder on iPhone and Grouping apps is a terrific way to reduce clutter on your home screen. Grouping of apps together can make it easier to use on your phone if all of your music apps are in the same place, you won’t have to go through folders or searching your phone when […]

Apple Developer: How to Create an Apple Developer Account

Welcome to our step-by-step on creating an Apple Developer account. The Apple Developer Program enables Apple to establish partnerships with other companies and individuals for app development. Owning an Apple developer login and Apple developer account grants access to post iOS applications on the App Store. An application developer can enroll to upload applications to […]

iPhone Data Usage: Simple tips to Reduce Data Usage

High iPhone data usage has become a common complain amongst mobile phone users in recent times. To be fair to consumers the pain is well understood because data cost money. Furthermore, data has become essential in today’s living as such it is very annoying watching it go out very rapidly. However, it is an unavoidable […]

iOS Emulator | Best iOS Emulator for Android Phones

It is unsure if the value of iPhones will ever be as low and affordable for everyone. Android users can use iPhone applications using the iOS emulator. iOS emulator is apps that can be installed on android phones to enable it to install iOS applications. Although it is not as cool as using an iPhone, […]

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Presently, Many iPhone users are moving to Andriod smartphone. This article is to enlighten you on how to transfer iPhone contacts to Android Phone.  Are you an iPhone user and you want to change your phone to an Android Phone but you don’t know how to transfer your contacts? To transfer iPhone contacts to Android […]

How to make a Facetime Group Call on iOS Devices

 FaceTime Group is kind of facetime call that supports the inclusion of up to 32 participants at once. In addition, to the group facetime call can be started through the  FaceTime app, you can continue group conversation as a  facetime group call on your iPhone or iPad. You can also join a  facetime group that […]