How to Hide Apps on iPhone Using iOS 14

How to Hide Apps on iPhone. There are some apps on your iPhone that you do not want your third party to see and at the same time, you do not know what to do to prevent those apps from displaying on your home screen. Well, if you are one of those, do not stress […]

Foldable iPhone: Will Apple Bring out a Folding Phone?

I know you might be wondering if Apple will ever bring out a foldable iPhone. Well, no one is sure about that and no one can tell either. We all know that Samsung is growing very big on folding phones as well as other companies too. But I would say that it is just a […]

iPhone Upcoming Feature Will Turn your iPhone or Apple Watch Into a Car Key

Today’s article revolves around iPhone Upcoming Feature. Apple is gradually moving into a car business in a very big way if a newly discovered leak is any indication. The “car key” feature in the latest iOS 13.4 beta discovered by 9to5mac. Will allow you to use your iPhone or Apple watch to start your car […]

How To Use and Access iPhone Magnifier

If you’ve ever been at a restaurant and had trouble seeing the descriptions of the different items you can order, then the iPhone Magnifier is just the fix you need. You just need to switch on a few accessibility options and you’ll be able to activate it whenever you need. How to Turn on the […]

iPhone Notifications Issues and Possible Solutions

A lot of users are having problems with their iPhone notifications. Common complains includes iPhone notifications won’t pop up on the lock screen. The error doesn’t seem to be originating from a single app which means, you may not be receiving notifications for any app installed. This can be very frustrating as we depend on […]

Apple Store Guide to Search, Download and Install Apps

There are millions of apps available on the iPhone Apple store. The iPhone for all its sophistication is improved even more with the endless apps available on the app store. There are games, educative, business apps as well as major social media apps such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram apps available on the app store. […]

Apple Siri: Learn How to Setup and Use Apple Siri

Apple Siri is regarded as one of the most intelligent apps ever created by Apple. It enables iOS to operate the mobile device and its apps with voice commands.   Thus Users can speak commands and get an audible response from Apple Siri. You can command the phone to send messages, make calls, and more. […]

Apple Map Tips: How to use Maps on iPhone

Apple Map is an Apple Inc app. It is the default map app on all iOS devices. It offers directions and travel time estimates for various form of transports such as automobile, pedestrian, and public transportation. Apple map was released on September 19, 2012, and was used to replace Google Maps as the default map […]

Create Apple ID On iPhone or iPad in Simple Steps

You have to create Apple ID login enables you to download from iTunes and the App Store. It also grants you access on the iPhone such as sync calendars and contacts through iCloud. As well as register on several apple platforms including FaceTime and iMessage. Although it is not compulsory to create Apple ID it […]

Apple watch Set up Guide for Old and New Apple Watch

There two kinds of apple watch set up (we’ll cover both). They both involve pairing the watch with an iPhone either As a new watch or restoring Apple Watch backup. How to Set Up Your Apple Watch Follow these steps to successfully complete setup Apple Watch and pair to iPhone. Start by Turning on the […]